When Exactly Does The 2nd Trimester Start

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Stephanie - November 18

Hi everyone...I am 12 weeks and was just wondering when the 2nd trimester starts? I have read certain places that it doesn't start until the end of week 13, but i thought it started at 12 weeks (3 months) Does anyone know for sure??? Thanks


heather - November 18

hello i was wondering the same thing and went to 2nd trimester and asked the girls in that forum and i got one hit back and she said 13 weeks 1 day which is 14 weeks that what she said..


Dia - November 18

Yep..I am pretty sure Heather is right!! I know your whole twelfth week you are still in your first. Good luck!


Deb - November 20

Go to www.babyzone.com and set up a profile for yourself. Then you can go into the "pregnancy" zone and look at your calendar that counts down your pregnancy, or you can go to the due date calculator, and it will give you all of that info - when your second tri starts, when your third tri starts, when organ development begins and ends, when your baby would be likely to survive if it was born prematurely, etc. It is a great site with lots of info. Definitely check it out!!! I even get an e-mail every week that tells me about the baby's development for that week! It's awesome!


mama-beans - November 20

On the "chart your progress" information my doctors office gave me, it says the 2nd trimester starts at your 12th week.. so 12 weeks 1 day would be 2nd trimester....


ME - November 20

well, I googled it and some say that it is 12 weeks 1 day is the second trimester, but others said it wasn't till 14 weeks. My doc told me that the risk for mc goes down at the 12 point. So, i guess it could be either??


Jessica - November 20

No, The second trimester starts when you are 13 weeks and one day which puts you in your 14th week. Which makes the baby 12 weeks old! (gestational age) Its confusing but its 13w+1d I promise.


mama-beans - November 20

I guess it just depends on who you ask! In the end, it doesn't really matter.. if you want to feel like you are in the 2nd trimester at 12w1d, then there are enough people who agree with you that you go ahead and say it!


To Stephanie - November 20

Apparently, according to insurances you are in your second trimester when you are 12 w 1 day. The gyno that delivered my two children is not delivering babies anymore, so he can only see me with this pregnancy til I am exactly twelve weeks. Then he has to send me to an ob. If he see me past that time, insurance will not pay him. He can only see me in the first trimester.


Sarebare - November 1

My chemist just comfirmed today that 12 weeks 1 day is indeed the second trimester as you are in the 13th week...I am in wooohoo!!!!!


Poppea - April 3

The pregnancy date calculator on the Medical College of Wisconsin web site calculates the beginning & end of the 2nd trimester. The 2nd tri begins at 12 wks 1 day & ends at 27 wks. This board will not allow me to post even a part of the address so if you want ya gotta figure out my code here.. 3w'sDOTintmedDOTmcwDOTeduFWDSLASHclincalcFWDSLASHpregnancyDOThtml


BeckyBunny - April 3

The second trimester officially starts at 13 weeks, yayyy!!! Nearly there!


stefkay - April 3

13 weeks and 1 day is the "official" start of the 2nd trimester according to most people here and my drs (plural)....27 weeks 1 day is start of 3rd tri!


elizhope - April 4

According to "what to expect when you're expecting" the second trimester starts at 14w0d. Month 1 0w-4w month 2 5w-8w month 3 9w-13w month 4 14w-17w month 5 18w-22w month, etc... (im 19 weeks, so I havent read past month 5 yet) Since there are 40 weeks it cant be divided equally into 4 month weeks for each month/trimester.



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