When Should I Buy Some Maternity Clothes

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Kate - March 14

I am about 10 weeks and nothing fits. I have some maternity clothes from my past pregnancy but I am off on my seasons and need to purchase some new stuff. I am not that big so I feel silly buying them already since I didn't buy them last time until I was 5 months. I am going on vacation in a couple of weeks and want to be comfy.


D - March 14

I bought some at 5 weeks! I wear them when I feel expecially bloated, because my regular pants squeeze the waistline too much....


citrouille - March 14

I'm almost 12weeks and I have to say that I'm wearing maternity pants now! I started at 125 now I'm 129 and none of my pants fit! I started buying maternity clothes at 10 weeks.. go for it, everyone is different and if this is your 2nd you'll probably show sooner!


Stephanie - March 14

This is my 3rd child and I will be 10 weeks on Wed. I only bloat when I need to go to the bathroom other wise fine. When not working I wear big comfy sweats not because Im bigger but b/c it is more comfy for tummy. I don't like the tight stuff right now either. I don't think I'm ready for maternity clothes either though. I'm gonna wait until 2nd trimester when I really start to show. Every body is different are you showing yet??


Kate` - March 14

Well I am very small so all of my normal jeans don't fit and my belly is getting bigger. My husband can tell but I can cover it up well too. It's just that all the maternity clothes look so big right now. I am a size 2 so I will look silly wearing some now.


Stephanie - March 14

I agree we sound about the same I am 28 yrs 5'4 and 117 right now. I can still fit into my size 1 & 2 as well but even my size 5 is uncomfy so I know what you mean. Its uncomfortable when I gotta pee and yesterday I notived that when I needed to pee my zipper would be down. LOL!!! HAHA I don't need maternity though not just yet. Maybe we should get preparred in this next month though. Rather be safe than sorry :o) HUH??You can find me at Target in about 2 -4 wks more getting prepared. Until then even for work I dress more comfortable slacks with bigger shirts and I even wear my slippers. They are kind of dressy LOL For now I wear the bigger sweats how bout you??


Julie - March 14

I am also about 10 weeks and clothes are getting tight this is my second pregnancy so I a__sume I am showing earlier. I am a stay at home mom so I have just been bumming around in sweats and have been using a hair tie to extend the b___ton on my jeans. Buy the clothes!


Stephanie - March 14

Julie~I envy that you get to stay home. I hate being 9 ta 5!!! I'm looking into things I can do for that I may stay home too but my income doubles our income b/c I too make good money. I dunt now what to do. I'm thinking since I'm the boss I can bring the baby with me for a short time 3 -6 months... We'll see.


AMB - March 14

Kate, I am 10 weeks today and started at 107 pounds. I know weigh 114 and my twin sister bought me a bunch of maternity clothes this weekend!!! Did you girls know that Old Navy has a maternity section and the clothes are so inexpensive AND cute!!! They have the little waist ones that don't go all the way over your belly. Pretty much it's like extra elastic and I am only wearing one pair of the shorts extra small because I feel dorky wearing maternity clothes this early. Is it dorky??? My size 1 & 2 jeans don't fit anymore so I either wear jogging pants or overalls. :-)


Stephanie - March 14

It looks as if I will go Thanks I had no idea!! Old Navy here i Come =)


Kim - March 14

Does anybody have any suggestions as to where I can find nice maternity suits. I am supposed to wear a suit everyday for my sales job, although I am sure that I will be in pants and a blouse when I can get away with it and especially over the summer since parts of my territory climb over 100 degrees then. Just wanted to pick up a suite or two over the next month or so since the ones I own now are starting to get a little uncomfortable. Thanks!


Julie - March 15

Try Gap.com they have a work section for maternity clothes. You can also try Motherhood, MiMi Maternity and A Pea in Pod. Some of those stores are pretty $$$$.


AMB - March 15

I think pet_te sophisticate/casual corner carries a maternity line Kim??? I know that gap does and they are cute! I am going to be obsessed with old navy. I love everything I got. I am so tired now and it's only 8:30 here. Be prepared to shop Stephanie when you go!!! I am wicked emotional though lately. I took my prenatal vitamins last night and felt so nauseas (sp) that I cried. Can anyone say EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER!!! :-) Although ice cream does make me feel better:-) Stephanie, when are you due?? I think we are 2 days apart! Well, I am going to see if I can manuver a back rub from my hubby and try to get some shut eye. Good Night girls!!! I love this website...


Kim - March 15

Thanks for the tips, everyone. I really don't want to spend too much on suits since I'll need a few for this pregnancy and then never again since I don't plan to work through my second. I'll think that I'll pick up a couple of cute ones for when my boss works with me and then wear pants/skirts and blouses the rest of the time. I can't wait for the casual clothes!


Dayle - March 15

I just read the postings and I feel so much better. I am 10 weeks and my tummy is starting to expand. I was getting worried that I was just gainng weight and I wasn't because of the pregnancy! My stomach is generally pretty flat and now it sticks out like crazy. I am glad to know that I am not the only one showing at 10 weeks.


Robin - August 25

I'm 10 weeks and ALL my clothes are uncomfortable. I'm naseaus as it is, so my pants being snugg pushes on my belly and makes the naseau worse! But I too would feel dumb getting maternity clothes this early, but I bet they would feel like a dream!


Mary - August 25

I'm 8 weeks and I want to buy maternity clothes or just go everywhere in sweatpants. None of my jeans fit me, even my larger ones. When to women typically start to buy maternity clothes anyway? Thanks!



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