When Should I Tell My Family That I Am Pregnant

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Grewal - February 22

Hi, Everyone I think I am pregnant cause i did home pregnancy test and it is positive three times I told my Mom, and my mother-in-law and I trust both of them as this is going to be my first child, in my extended family everyone will be so exited but after reading few of the forums that some of you guys have M/c after telling your family i am scared now when should i tell everyone i am pregnant............. I am only 4 weeks and 6days ..........


Kime - February 22

Well alot of people wont tell people until after 12 weeks when the first trimester is over. I don't see anything wrong with telling your mom though, i told my mom the next day, but only b/c i wanted her to hurry up and get over it b4 the holidays came around. But i did'nt tell anyone else until after my first trimester. Some people are still just now finding out im preggo and im 5 months! But if you want to be on the safe side i would wait until after 12 weeks, but i don't think it's a jinx if you want to go ahead and let everyone know now.


heather28 - February 22

I am 8 weeks and I have told a select few on both sides of my family. My dh isn't home right now and I'm wrestling w/ the idea of telling his mother. I just don't know if I can handle all the drama. We also had a problem when before I took 3 hpt and they were all positive, but when I went to the doctor I wasn't pregnant. Then we had to tell everyone we weren't. I guess like you I'm scared to tell more people than I have.


Shannie - February 22

3 years ago, I was pregnant and I told my enitre family (husband and my side) but i ended up miscarrying around 5 weeks. Its not a jinx at all to tell ppl. Its just a pregnancy that we weren't ready for. This time around, I'm right around 7-8 weeks and Ive told my mom, which means that my entire family will know in less than a week, lol. Big mouths run in my family ;)


flipthea - February 22

I told everyone right before Christmas, when I was about 5 weeks. It's the 1st grandchild and i figured it would be the best Christmas gift to my parents to know they're gonna be grandparents. I'm now 14 wks and of course, now everone knows, even co-workers. Even during the early pregnancy, we told friends and relatives.


tk07 - February 23

i onlytold my mom at first and waited until about 8 weeks to tell my brothers. Mother in law still doesn't know! we aren't telling her or aunts etc.. until 12 weeks. i have m/c before and it was the day after i told a few people, that was horrible. but you tell when you feel comfortable! i think a lot of people wait until after their first appt, usually around 8-10 weeks.


Grewal - February 23

oh thanks everyone I told my close relative and friends this is going to be 1st child of 4th genration in my family I am the 1st child of 3rd genration how kool is that ...............


Erin1979 - February 23

I told my parents and DH's parents, but everyone else waited until after 12 weeks and we had the ulrasound done.



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