When Should You Start To Show Even If It S Just You Noticing

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Carla - February 10

Hi, I am 11 weeks pregnant today and I wanted to know when you are suppose to start showing? Or even show a little that just you might notice, Im not talking about bloating i mean from the baby and uterus? I notice a little bump but its probably from bloating, Any awnsers would be great, thanks. Oh yea anyone due around sept 1st????


Deb - February 10

I am 18 weeks and just started to show maybe two weeks ago. I still don't look pregnant, just a little pooch out in front.


JanetQ - February 14

Carla, I am also due Sept. 1st. I have definitely noticed a bulge on the lower part of my stomach. Whether it's bloating or the baby, it's definitely bigger nonetheless. None of my pants fit anymore so I've been doing the unbottoning thing. Oh and I've already gained 3 lbs.


Deby - February 15

Hi Carla. I am 10 weeks, and have a little bump. I think it all depends on your size and weight and everything before you were pregnant. If you are a skinny one, you might show earlier. I feel like i am getting to wrapped up in my weight right now since I am used to being so small, and now like Janet...most of pants already dont fit. They are so tight. But I think mine right now is mostly bloating.


Erin333 - February 15

I am due Sep 1st as well. I definetely have a little bump already. MInd you that that little bump grows throughout the day due to bloating, but its always there when I wake up in the morning. Check out this site http://www.pregnancyguideonline.com/ Its shows the growing belly week by week. My belly looks just like the 12 week one. Remember though that every pregnancy is different. I didn't show at all with my first until I was 4 1/2 months along. But on average I think the normal woman starts to show between 14 and 16 weeks, especially if you wear tight shirts (which I like to do).


krc - February 15

I am 16 weeks. I'd say only in the past week now is there a small but permanent pooch. Before when I thought I looked pregnant it was just bloating. Somedays I had to unb___ton my jeans and others they fit normal. To someone who doesn't know me though they wouldn't guess I was pregnant unless I wore spandex. And no one wears spandex anymore !! When I rub my stomach it actually feels hard and round. I love it. Can't wait for it to be obvious im pregnant.


jzhopeful - February 15

I have a friend who Is 14 weeks. She had IVF so she really is only that far and she is huge! She is very skinny otherwise. Just thought I'd let you know.


Carla - February 15

Hi everyone, thanks for your awnsers. I just get worried that my baby isnt growing b/c i dont have a big belly, ill be 12 weeks on friday and just have a little pooch that no one would even notice but me


EricaG - February 15

Carla, don't worry about not showing, especially if this is your first baby! I'm 15 weeks with my first and I still fit into all my old clothes with room to spare. I'm just a little bigger in my lower abdomen. Most of the girls who think they're showing before 10 weeks are just bloated, so don't try to compare yourself to them.


yourtrish - February 16

It's funny how much we all worry about everything. I'm almost 12 weeks and completely the opposite of everyone esle. I worry that I'm showing too much! I've been in mat-pants since 10w and can't breath in my normal clothes. My stomach is big and round and sticks out all over, not just in the bottom. I think some of it is bloating, but some of it is permanent and no matter how much I suck it in or stand straight, it never goes away. I was really shy at first and used to hate walking to the bathroom at work because I thought everyone was staring at me! I haven't told work yet since I'm waiting till my official 3-month mark, but the past two weeks have had me hidding and worrying that people thing I'm just gaining tons of weight!


KAY - February 16

I agree with Deby. It definitely depends on your body. If you have narrow hip bones, you will show easier. If you have a short torso, you will show sooner. The showing factor varies as much as the weight gain factor. Everyone is different. You can't go by other people. You know your body better than any of us. But I can tell you that if you are almost 12 weeks and getting a bump, within a few weeks you will start to see it get rounder. I had a bump that was bloating and a little baby. Within the past few days, people are starting to notice my belly more. My dh just told me this morning that it isn't a "pooch" any longer. It is rounder and is starting to look like a pg belly. My cousin and I have almost the exact same body shape and when she was pg she had a round belly that just got larger and larger as the months went along. She started showing the first week of her 2nd trimester. So I guess I am right on track with what she had.


gem22 - February 16

Hi, I am 9.5 weeks pregnant with my first child and due around sept 22nd. I'm also not showing yet and can't wait as it doesn't really seem real yet. I have been experiencing some cramp like pains!!! Is this normal???


lastchance - October 31

Just a thought... I am short and slim. With my first pregnancy (which I only carried for 3-4 months) I started out at about 97lbs... and I was 5'3.... I showed FAST... I would say in less than 2 months... since I have lost 2 naturally.... but every time it shows earlier, even though I have NOT carried one to full term... so... I know that I show right away, and feel symptoms early...


Sally123 - November 3

Im so relieved to hear so many of you guys started showing a little later in the second trimester. I am 9.5 weeks now, and I keep hearing that a lot of people started showing at 7 weeks or earlier. I can tell maybe a little difference in my waistline, but nothing major. I was worried that I don't really have a pooch. Thanks so much for the rea__surance!


sarah21 - November 4

Well I started wearing maternity pants at 8 weeks, probably because of bloating, but either way, I couldn't stand regular pants. At 10 weeks I noticed my uterus popped out above my pelvic bone. Then by about 13 weeks I had to switch to maternity shirts to cover the bottom part of my stomach. I am still mainly showing from the belly b___ton down at 20 weeks, but people can now tell I'm pregnant. This is my first, so I know I'm pretty much where I should be, but I'm still surprised I'm so small. Everyone is totally different though. If you want a good website to see tons of belly shots at different stages, go to i-am-pregnant.com and click on the photo book tab.


Faye84 - November 5

it all depends on your body type. I didnt start to show until I was around 16 weeks or so? It just kind of happens so fast you really dont notice. I remember when I was 9 months pregnant I thought I looked like that the entire time lol.


Albie - November 5

I'm 20w 5d, and no one could look at me and tell. I've always been a little heavy with a larger belly, and even though I lost weight before getting pregnant, my belly is still probably no larger than it was before -- although I can't really wear regular pants anymore! I probably could notice a few weeks ago -- but everyone will show at a different time, no stress...I keep hoping it will start showing, my maternity clothes are cute!



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