When Start To Show More

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marie - December 28

I am 11wk3d...I measure my belly few weeks ago and it was 103mm...Now I measure again but no change...When u think my belly should start expand more? Thx!


ashlee - December 31

i guesss it depends on alot of things, weather this is your first pregnancy or not and your body build. most people say you start to show around 13 weeks. if this is yoiur first pregnancy, it may take longer. im only 5w4d at the moment, so i cant help you much, but im just telling yoiu what i have heard. im sure you will start showing soon. good luck.


Deb - January 1

I am 12w4d and wishing I would start to show more. I just noticed this week that I am starting to "fill out" a little more. Up to now I have had my belly expand below my belly b___ton, then I noticed a couple of weeks ago that I was starting to "pop out" a little just below my b___bs. I have had a dip in around my belly b___ton that is starting to fill out now. I am still in all of my normal clothes, but I am anxious to spend my gift certificate for Motherhood Maternity that I got for Christmas!


marie - January 1

Thanks for ur answer..Mine first was 14wks end in a missed miscarriage..so I am very scare for this one..I don't know why the baby heartbeat stop..


ashlee - January 1

marie, im soo sorry to hear about your first baby. i lost my first baby at 8 weeks. im now 5w5d and absolutely terrified of losing this one too. i get my first ultrasound on the 11th jan to see if there is a heartbeat and to see if im as far or further than the doctor says i am. im sure things will work out fine for you this pregnancy. best of luck!!!


tamfit - January 4

Showing depends on how lean you are to start. I am 11 weeks along an people have already started to comment on my little round belly. I was a pro athlete before becoming pregnant so the lower body fat will make you show faster. Usually most women say they start showing any where between 11-14 weeks. I understand your fear of miscarriage. I am sorry for your loss. I had one last year at 5 weeks and even though I am relaxing more as the first trimester comes to an end....I am still nervous. Good luck to all of you Tammy


Richelle - January 4

Marie, when was your LMP??


Teena - January 4

For most first pregnancies women begin to show after their 4th to 5th months, it starts out like a small beer belly for smaller women. This is my second baby, just had one at the end of sept 2005 and found out i am 6 weeks, pregnant again, anyone know when u start showing for your second baby? Marie, just try and relax and try not to worry too much, i'm sure everything will work out well. For my first pregnancy my doc told me that being pregnant is like driving on the highway, yes u could be hit by a truck or get in an accident but the chances of that happening are very slim. So just take good care of yourself and have faith.


Cicely-LJ - January 5

For my first son who is now eight, I didn't show until after the sixth month and that was only a little, I still fit most of my clothes, I just had to wear my husbands tshirts to cover my unb___toned pants. This is my second pregnancy and they say that I should show faster but I'm almost 11 weeks and I feel I'm getting smaller, but that may be from all the nausea, I guess I'll wait a few more weeks and see if I see anything.


Laci - January 5

I had a miscarrage and 2 weeks later i found out that i was preg again with this one, now i am about 7 weeks 5 days and already grew outa my norm clothes. lol. big baby or twins? lol i dono but i cant wait to find out



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