When To Share The Good News

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M - April 7

Hello. I'm about 6 wks along with my pregnancy and this is my first. I won't have my first dr's visit/us until the first week of may (10wks). Is there a hard/fast rule of when's the TIME to share the good news? If everything goes well with the dr's visit, my hubby and I are planning on announcing the good news on Mother's Day (at 10wks) mark.


Jb - April 7

Well, when I went in for my 1st ultrasound at 8weeks we heard the heart beats (yes there is 2!) and the Dr. said that the chances of miscarriage is less than 1%. However like our first pregnancy we are going to wait until we are over the 12 week hump. However, some of my friends have told people right away because they want the support in case if something happens. I would tell your family though but it is totally up to you. Good luck and congratulations!!!


B - April 7

Jb, did you have any doctor's visits before the 8 week visit? Just wondering if you had any idea it was twins before, like high HCG, more symptoms....


Jena - April 7

I am wondering the same thing. Obviously the 12th week is the safest because your chances of miscarrying drop dramatically after hearing the heartbeat at that stage. But as for family, I don't see anything wrong with telling them at 10 weeks - maybe just wait with work and other friends until 12 weeks?


Mag - April 7

Thanks for the suggestions, ladies. One other question, I'm in the process of seeking for new employment since I just quit my old job last month. Am I obligated to tell the future employer during the interview process about my pregnancy if it's before the 12 week mark? What's the protocol on that? When do you tell them? Thanks.


Lily - April 8

My husband and I were going to hold off until we knew the s_x of the baby, or and pictures...But it is the first grandbaby for both our families, so it leaked out before it should have! LOL Good Luck!


C - April 8

Mag, I don't think your obligated to tell an employer before 12 weeks. I did with one pregnancy tell my employer before I was even showing, and suddenly I was being transferred to a different department. Made me wonder!!!


S - April 8

This may be a stupid question but it still confuses me : When people talk about waiting until the 12 week mark, are they talking about 12 weeks from their LMP or 12 weeks from conception (14 weeks of pregnancy)? I'd really like to know as I am approaching the 12 week mark (from LMP) and was wondering if I should wait another couple of weeks to be sure?!


michelle - April 8

its 12 weeks from your last period (first day of last period) i'm 6 weeks and 3 days and have told everyone... had an early scan at 6 weeks which showed 5mm in size and heart beat so i thought i was now safe to tell everyone. i've had previous problems and didn't think i could be that unlucky again x


S - April 8

Hi Michelle, thanks for the response! I'm really looking forward to telling my friends (my family know already)! Got my first scan on Monday, if everything is okay I will tell everyone! It doesn't feel real yet coz I haven't had a scan or heard a heartbeat yet! Good luck with your pregnancy! =)


Carol - April 8

The only person i told at 5weeks was my mom, because I know she can keep a secret. Now I'm 10weeks and I'm thinking of telling the rest of my family at 12 weeks. My thing is, if anything happens at least I have my mom for support.


HSB - April 8

I can't keep a secret so I ended up telling everyone at 6 weeks. I couldn't help myself. I am now 11 weeks and everything is good.



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