When To Tell People

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Brooke - March 25

When should you tell people (co-workers, friends, and family) that you are pregnant?


lyn - March 25

we told people right away, but i cannot keep a secret. and my husbands father was about to pa__s away, so we wanted him to be able to enjoy the good news with everyone before he pa__sed.


Stacy - March 25

My husband and I have just went though about 2 years of infertility problems and this drug and that drug and shots and UW and BW. Our entire circle of people (family, friends, co-workers) have went through this with us, so we felt that when we found out we were PG (just 2 days ago) we have almost been shouting it from the roof tops. :)


Brooke - March 26

Stacey, it looks like we will be due around the same time. My last menstral period was Feb. 25, so I've figured that I should be due around Dec. 2nd?? We have been trying since December, so we were lucky. My heart goes out to you with trying for so long. I cannot imagine how frustrating that must be. I am so excited for you!!! Is this your first? It is my first and I just can't wait!!!!!


Misty - March 26

My family and a few of my closer friends know that I am pregnant now but I was planning on keeping it from everyone else until after the 12 week mark..when your chances of m/c drop. I just don't want to get all excited, tell everyone, then have to go back and explain to every joe b__w in town if something goes wrong. That happened to me once already. I told everyone immediatly, then when I miscarried no one talked about it to other people because they felt it wasn't their right. But that left me with having to tell someone new on an almost daily basis what had happened. It was unpleasant and I just don't want to go through that again.


Brooke - March 27

Misty, Thanks for the advice. That was exactly what I was wanting to know.


M - March 27

After you see or hear the heartbeat at 10 weeks you have a really low risk of miscarrying. I thought that was a good time to tell people. I told friends and family first. Then I told some people at work. I still haven't told my boss (I'm 13 weeks pregnant). But I thought what's the rush as I'm not showing yet. Good luck how far along are you?


Tara - July 4

I feel it's best to wait until after your first appointment, which usually occurs around 10-12 weeks. The risk of miscarrying after that period is less. I was pregnant a few months ago and I told everyone right away and than I miscarried at 5 weeks. I had to go and tell everyone what happened. They had alreadly told others and when I bumped in to people they were congradulating me and I felt awful. My advice is to wait, I learned from past experience.


Karen - July 4

I've told close friends- am 6 weeks. But am petrified of having to tell them if anything goes worng. But I am seriously c...p at keeping anything a secret and everyone knew we were trying, so after I refused the first drink at thepub on a Friday, everyone would have guessed anyway.



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