When U Got Pregnant Did U Do Anything Different During Sex

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Isa - April 12

The month u conceived did u and partner do anything different that month to try and get pregnant than other months so that u now say wow we should have been doing that before? I us OPK test and i know when i ovulate so we have s_x before it +'ve, when it is and a day after or 2, i don't pee after, we missionary, i put small pillow under butt for 20-30min. what else am i not doing please can u help me with things i might not be doing?


Milissa - April 12

Your doing great just relax',that is very important! I just put my feet up above my head for about 20 mins.I'm not sure if that helped but we have my son now??good luck and RELAX'


Kelly K - April 12

I pa__sed out drunk right after having s_x and boom.. I was pregnant! :) I agree with Milissa. Just need to relax!


L** - April 12

my uterus tilts to the back to I laid on my stomach for 10 minutes & then flipped over & laid on my back for 10 minutes.. Also, the month we got pg, I put my hubbie on CoEnzyme Q-10 1x per day & amen's once a day vitamin... the coenzyme Q10 is supposed to help the spermies swim.. worked for us! Got +++ that month!


Liz - April 12

In my third of trying I took robitussin (recommended dose w/ guiifessin-sp?)) once per day and did everything else the same and got pregnant. Who knows if that was the reason but it worked but for me. The third thime was the charm. GREAT luck to you!


isa - April 12

thanx guys for telling me to relax i think that im just too anxious to make it happen too quickly.


Jo - April 12

I did much of what's already been mentioned, but I also had asked my husband to go easy on the alcohol, just in case. Ironically, the time we conceived, I hadn't even detected that I had ovulated and a__sumed we had missed it and would try next month. go figure.


Carrie - April 12

I started taking pre-natal vits 1-2 months before trying, stopped smoking, eat healthy and took agnus castus. Asked hubby to cut down on alcohol (until only equivalent 2 gla__ses of wine per week), stop smoking, wear loose cotton boxer shorts and loose pants, no hot baths (as high temp can kill sperm), take multi-vits, and eat healthy. Had s_x everyday from 5 days before ovulation till after. Stayed in bed 30 mins after s_x, sometimes with legs up on the wall or foetal position or put pillow under my hip. PS, women don't ovulate EVERY month (especially if you're over 30 - it's a fact - fertility rate declines as you get older), OPKs don't tell you if you REALLY ovulated, they only tell your LH surge is rising. Even if you ovulated, sometimes the egg isn't fertilised. Read 'taking charge of your fertility' by toni weschler, if you haven't. Good luck!


Heather - April 12

well, we used the opk test. but i decided it would be a good idea to have s_x every day of that month. i do admit, we missed 2 days, but luckily we found out i was pregnant by the end of the month. also, i had started taking prenatals about a month prior. i put a big pillow under me for 30 minutes at least every night. also, don't even think about getting out of bed. it is said that if you remain flat it increases ur chances due to gravity working with you. i heard that missionary is the best b/c of deep penitration, but another good way is rear entry. good luck to u!!


Cher - April 13

Honestly, I did nothing different...except I don't go to the bathroom right after we are together. My friends say I am the most fertile woman they know. I have 3 kids already and was taking the pill and that's how I became pregnant with #4. Baby #3 was conceived while I was on the pill too...I have never had any problems getting pregnant, and envy friends that plan and try for their babies because it seems that everytime I get pregnant, everyone is shocked and thinks of it as a big accident. I love my kids more than life but sometimes feel cheated out of the "we're trying to have a baby" fun. Good luck to you all!


Poodle-Girl - April 13

Nothing different at all - have 2 sons, onto 3rd pregnancy now (and I only have 1 ovary!!!) and yes I am too over 30!


Lily - April 13

After s_x Isa, besure to keep your hips elevated for about 15 to 20 minutes. I find missionary position VERY uncomfortable, claustrophobic. So we use other positions, but I always elevated my hips afterwards. I was pregnant within a year. Good luck!


Kerry - April 13

These are all great suggestions! I was also told that it's best to have s_x every other day as opposed to every day in case of a low sperm count. This worked for me and for all of my pregnant friends.



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