When Was Your First Appt

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Lynn - March 22

I am due for af today, took a test & it was +++++, I called my ob/gyn to get an appt & they scheduled it for 4/5 (2 weeks from today)... is this normal to not see me until 6 weeks? I have gone in for my preconception check up & have prenatal vitamins & everything..... so maybe they see no rush?


Mary - March 22

My first prenatal will ne next week - I will be 9 weeks then.


Kim - March 22

Congratulations! My first appt. isn't until 03/25, which is towards the ends of my 9th week. I have read that many Dr's will not even see you until you have missed two periods and so I would not worry at all. If this is a normal first pregnancy for you and you have not had a m/c before, 6 weeks is earlier than most appt's. Best of luck and let us know what happens.


Heidi - March 22

Everyone's docs are different. I got in right away at 4 wks to get vitamins. They took some blood and urine and that was it. At my 9 wk appt they took more urine and listened for the heartbeat and sent me on my way! Oh, I got some baby magazines too. I was expecting more but that was about all she did! Lots of paperwork on first visit about family history, concerns, etc. I asked a lot at the 2nd appt. I think I was expecting a lot more but besides tests, what more can they do if you have a healthy pregnancy? I'm satisfied with my midwife. It's my first pregnancy.


DooDoo - March 22

Had my first appt at 7 weeks. I'm now 12 and have had two appts so far. The second appt was at 10 wk.


Lynn - March 22

Thanks ladies! this is my 1st so there is no history to be alarmed at... I will be seeing the midwife in the office, I've been going to this ob/gyn for 10 years for my annual paps & everything, never met the midwife, but i think my insurance has a lower copay if I see the midwife-- may be even no copay, I'll have to check when I get home.... I'm so excited! But at the same time, I don't want to get too excited & then be disappointed...


Carol - March 23

My first prenatal appt was at 6weeks and my next one will be at 9weeks. I think the doctor wanted to see me early because of age. I'm 34 years old.



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