When Was Your First Ultrasound

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tritty - June 21

i don't know when my due date is yet because i got pregnant on the pill and i had light spotting 2 different times after my last "normal" period. if i count the last time of spotting as my last af then i'm about 7weeks 3 days BUT i don't know for sure. i have another appt this friday and i don't think they're going to do an ultrasound. how am i supposed to figure out how far along i am and when my due date is if they don't do one? when was yours? should i just ask them to do it?


KimS - June 21

Hey Tritty Usually if there are no issues and they are confident about your dates you may not get an u/s until 18-20 weeks..at least that's how it is here in Canada, but you could ask for a "dating u/s".. I'd make it clear that you are unsure about your dates.. they may be able to tell if you are further along if they hear a heart beat on the doppler since you normally don't hear this until 9-10 weeks.... hope this helps..


tritty - June 21

i hope i don't have to wait until 20 weeks. the doctor even said at my last appointment that they aren't sure how far along i was BUT you have to wait until your hcg reaches a certain level before you can get a good u/s. we'll see. i'm just hoping that i can leave friday with some answers.


KimS - June 21

Hey Tritty.. Well just back from the doctor.. and no u/s until 18-20 weeks just like I thought!!! It seems like forever away but I guess it is good that she is considering my pregnancy as healthy... we are going to wait until we hear the heartbeat to tell everyone.. we've only told one of my girlfriends and my boss (because of the type of work I do).. I have my next appt July 18, I'll be 10 weeks so hopefully we will be able to hear the heartbeat then... well good luck at your appointment on Friday.... keep me posted..


Nell143 - June 21

I recieved my first ultrasound at the ER due to some severe Cramping. Everything was ok though. My first one with my Nurse practicioner was on during my 10th week. I am now 11 weeks today!


Natashasmomma - June 21

My OB is going to do one when I am 10weeks (next week), and then another at 18-20 weeks. This is what they did when I was pregnant with my daughter and they are doing the same thing agian. I think it depends on the Dr. you are seeing!


snugglybugglys - June 21

I got prego 3 times with birth control, and since I didn't know my dates they did an ultra sound at my first appt. Cause they need to make sure everything measures up, good luck!


Shanna - June 21

With my first baby, I had the us done at 17 weeks, with this one, I just had one done this week and I am 9 weeks and a couple days. Doc just wanted to check to make sure I was only this far along because he said it felt like I could have been further along. Turns out I am only as far along as I thought. Was nice to see our little bean though and his/her little heartbeat!


tritty - June 21

thanks to all of you ladies for sharing your stories. kim s- sorry you have to wait, waiting seems like an eternity but you're right, it's great that you're having a healthy pregnancy. snugglybugglys- i'm hoping that the doctor will do the same with me so we can atleast get a due date. it's frustrating not knowing how far along you are and when the baby is supposed to come. oh well, hopefully this friday will give me all the info i need. i'll definately keep you all posted!


sleeplessinseattle - June 21

Hi Tritty, I got an ultrasound at 7wks 3days. I went in because I felt severe pain in my abdomen (which turned out to be a hormone producing cyst on my ovary that was present because of the pregnancy--it erupted). Anyway, because of the pain I was experiencing they had me come in for an ultrasound to make sure the pregnancy wasn't ectopic. I even heard the baby's heartbeat on that day! I know the exact day of conception so I thought I was 5 weeks, and learned through ultrasound that I was actually 7 wks according to the medical world.


RMC - June 28

I had my first ultrasound at 5 wks 4 days, because I was spotting, and a second at 6 wks 1 day, because after the 1st, they thought the baby had stopped growing and I was miscarrying. But I don't think you generally get one until 4-5 months if it is a smooth pregnancy.


kelley32 - June 29

I had my first u/s at 14 weeks. My doctor gives one at every visit just to make sure that everything is going well. I guess it depends on the doctor.



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