When Were You Able To Hear The First Heartbeat

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ttc_#1 - December 2

Hi all, Just wanted to know when were you able to hear the first heartbeat? At which week? Please let me know your experiences. I am going in for my first ultrasound on 10-dec... I wanted to know if it is too early to see that pulse on screen?


HeatherIsHopeful - December 2

how far along are you? I a__sume 10-13 weeks ish?? I went in for my first u/s at 11weeks 4 days and they got the heartbeat no problem. good luck :) Its so amazing to hear the heartbeat :)) it was probably one of the happiest moments of my life thus far.


HeatherIsHopeful - December 2

I meant how far along will you be when you go to your appt... lol, I a__sume 10-13 weeks??


stefkay - December 2

hi ttc#1--for the most part most women can see the heartbeat on an ultrasound at 6 weeks, but sometimes a bit later. Most all will definitely see it by 7 weeks. Normally if it is not seen by then, there is cause for concern. How far along will you be on Dec. 10th?


stefkay - December 2

oh, and I meant to add you can probably HEAR the heartbeat with a doppler by 10-12 weeks.


ttc_#1 - December 2

Thanks Heather and Stefkay...I will be 6 weeks 5 days on 10th dec...


HeatherIsHopeful - December 2

wow.. you are getting a u/s early! good luck! :)


softbreeze200 - December 2

My dr. has told me at 6 weeks you should be able to see the heartbeat on ultrasound. I am schedualed for one on Dec 19 as well and I will be 7 weeks 4 days. I ahd a miscarriage in sept early so they want to do one early to make sure all is ok. I am so paranoid, I would loveto have one every week!! I wish you all the best - I cant wait to see that little tiny heart beating!!


mjvdec01 - December 2

ttc, if you don't hear the heartbeat, don't freak. Usually they wait until 8 weeks to do the first ultrasound to make sure it has had a chance to get going. Everything will be fine.


newlywed0915 - December 3

Hey ttc#1- I saw my baby and its heartbeat at 6 weeks and 6 days on ultrasound. At 9 weeks and 6 days I heard the heartbeat. Heather is right, hearing the heartbeat is the best sound ever.....it will make you so happy! I went out and got myself a doppler afterwards so I can hear my baby more often. ;-) Congrats by the way!


stefkay - December 3

I saw the heartbeat at 6 weeks 3 days (first ultrasound) and HOPE to hear it on the doppler soon :)


dyarcho - December 5

I saw my babys heart beat at 7 weeks and 5 days. i thought it would be too early. but it wasnt! i cant wait to hear it...at that stage my baby was 7mm and the heart beat was a 103. they said they like to see it over a 100. when i go for my next u/s on tues dec 11, it should be over 120.


newmomma32 - December 6

can u hear it with a stethoscope?


ttc_#1 - December 10

Hey All... had my ultrasound today and heard the heartbeat...I was soo happy and releived.. heart rate was at 122... and sac measured 6 w 5 d... as expected



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