When Will This Nausea Go AWAY

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Leahp - February 2

OH my!!! I think I'll only have one child after the way I've been feeling this past week!! Constant nausea, it feels like the flu, is this really what it's like??? I'm seven weeks and really hoping this doesn't last long, I was really looking forward to pregnancy, and now I just hope to have my old self back, ugggh!


kat - February 2

it will be worth it in the end! :o)


Nick - February 2

My nausea started week 5 and at week 11 it is still very much a part of my life. I guess every person is different, but I have read that it should be gone by the second trimester.


raye - February 2

thanks exactly what I said earlier... this is it... cause this is misery. I never throw up, but its that feeling like you have to throw up 12-14 hours of the day!!! I would rather throw up!!


Julie - February 2

Yeah, Leah, that sounds miserable! What my Dr. told me is that at 12 weeks or so, the placenta takes over and then the hormones drop and you'll feel much better. You can do it...... I threw up at work yesterday, that was interesting........I made it to the bathroom, but still left me feeling fairly strange.......


38days2go - February 2

I'm just about 8 months pregnant... and the vomiting seems like ages ago. But i'll never forgot it. I swear I threw up atleast 2-3 times every day. All it would take was to SMELL something funky & i was hugging the toilet. My doctor said it would get better around 16 weeks, and it did. HANG IN THERE SISTER!!!


Leahp - February 3

Thanks ladies!!! It was funny but yesterday I had a good day, but of course the minute I ate and took my prenatal vit. I felt horrible again, so my doc said to try flinstones vit. for kids! Ha!!!


Julie - February 3

Funny that your Dr. said try Flintstones. Mine said the same thing. But then he prescribed chewable prenatal. They don't taste as good as flintstones, but they are much easier to deal with than swallowing those monster pills!!


Amy - February 3

I am 12wks amd I think mine is starting to go away...(knock on wood). I said, the same thing you are saying Leah. I told my husband never again...


sally - February 3

i am in my 8th week and started having nausea from 7th...it feels horrible and pops up only in the evenings, when u are already exhausted from days work. I tried getting a couple of hours more of sleep for the past two nights and i feel better now..I don't know if the sleep helped..but it did work till now



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