Where Does The Belly Start Growing

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Lisa - March 28

I'm almost 11 weeks and am getting a pooch below my belly button.. It's my first so I have no idea where the pooch is supposed to start (or if it's a pooch).. can anyone share their earlier pregnancies?


Heidi - March 29

I'd like to know also. It's my first too and I see a little pooch below the belly b___ton but for some reason, above my belly b___ton is getting poochy too!!!! Like there's no separation anymore. It's all one bloated pooch! I know I ate way too much at first and I feel bloated a lot from all this water I'm drinking and now that my m/s is gone, I plan to eat a little better now that I can control the junk food. I'm at 10.5 weeks too. 11 weeks this Thursday!


Lisa - March 29

Hi Heidi, we're due the same day 10/20 right? hopefully someone will write in.. my stomach was not fat before.. but not skinny either.. i think there was a little fat roll but overall, i'm pet_te smallish weight.. (or used to be! I'm eating better now- before I was just STARVING all the time! i am becoming more civilized eating now..!) Lisa


JS - March 29

Okay, I also want to know the answer to that one! I'm also due on Oct.20th and I have a little pouch too. Right now I just feel fat - I wish my belly would just pop out, I don't care for this in-between stage very much. Still too skinny for maternity clothes, but my regular ones are getting tighter everyday. It must be pretty normal if we are all experiencing the same thing.


c - March 29

I'm 8 weeks and i think most of my pouch is due to bloating and constipation. I hate this stage of pregnancy because I just feel huge all the time.


Rita - March 29

I'm almost 6 weeks a not showing at all of course, but I'm an overweight person and I just wonder if anyone knows when we'd start showing? I've been told that a lot of big girls don't show until 7 or 8 months...Of course I'd like to show, but I guess I could save money on buying maternity clothes. Does anyone know?


Heidi - March 29

Yep, 10/20! I just feel fat and bloated too. Some days I look thinner. I was always thin but now I look like I drank a gallon of water and I'm constipated!!!! I can still wear all my jeans too.


Melissa - March 30

Hey, I am on my fourth baby and my experiance is the pooch starts right above your pubic bone and then starts to expand up toward your navel usually around 4 months. Hope I helped.


Melissa - April 24

Where does the belly grow is my first baby?


Gaby - April 24

Im 10 weeks and 1 day pregnant and i dont have anything not even a little bump im completely flat. Is it cause im 14 and really skinny? Please i want to know if its normal


ashley - May 30

when does morning sickness go away and i am in my third month when does my belly start growing andi can't feel the babay move inside me yet


Sara - May 30

I would like to know too when you feel your belly growing. My stomach is still flat. And I worry too much, sometimes I dont believe im pregnant. Cant wait to go to the doctor. Im gonna get a sonogram June 10.


Ca__sie - May 30

I'm right at 12 weeks and people started telling me just this weekend that I am beginning to show somewhat. At first I was like, "why are you telling me this?" It sounded like they were telling me I was fat, but hey... I'd rather it look like I was pregnant than just chunky, so I guess it's a compliment. :-)


* - May 30



Zuilen - July 3

Hi I allready have 4months and i dont see my belly growing im a little bit concerned because it does not even look like im pregnant.Was i suppose to have a big belly by now?



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