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shelly2979 - December 7

I am 8 weeks pregnant and had light spotting during week 5-6 of the pregnancy. I had a US and was told it was too early to see anything and to come back at 8 weeks, which I did today. The doctor still couldn't see anything in my uterus and said I must have miscarried because it didn't look ectopic either. But I haven't bled and I'm not in any pain at all. I also did another pregnancy test today and it was very strongly positive, so when exactly did I have this supposed miscarriage? I don't know what to do. The hospital don't seem particularly bothered they just said it takes a week or so for the level of hormones to come down, but mine have risen a lot since the spotting. Has anyone been in a similar situation to this, and what was the outcome?


WyattsMommy - December 7

I think I'd be getting a second opinion if I were you, especially if your hcg levels are rising.


nola-gal - December 7

hmmm...all i can say is that you should get a second opinion. i just went on tuesday for an ultrasound and as soon as she barely stuck the wand inside my v____a, boom, there was the baby. didn't look like a baby, but definitely it was there...yolk sac, bean looking-blob, and cord. it was quite a relief. i'm 8 weeks today. however, my sister's baby took a long time to show up since she has fibroids in her uterus. they were blocking the view. there could be lots of reasons you can't see it. i also have a friend who miscarried, but her body thought she was pregnant for about a month. she had to have a dnc and take meds to get her body straight. it was pretty awful. i pray that everything works out and that you get some answers soon. you must be going nuts.


stefkay - December 7

Hi shelly, I'm not a doctor but it sounds very much like a blighted ovum. You can google that and get lots of info, but try reputable sites like mayoclinic or the acog (american center for obstetrics and gynecology), etc. Your levels will rise normally with a blighted ovum but for some reason the baby never develops (chromosomal abnormality)....these actually are not all that rare and are pretty much fluke occurances so it is something that will most likely never happen again. Many women don't find out about them until 12 weeks or so when they have a first u/s, so it seems that they don't miscarry on their own very often--or they take a long time. I'm very sorry (hugs)...


Cevvin - December 8

if your hcg levels are rising and your uterus is empty. Get an second opinion and ask about the posibility of a hydatidiform mole. or a molar pregnancy. Often the uterus absorbs them but are dangerous to your health if not taken care of. Im sorry what has happened to you. Good luck.



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