Which HPT Brand Did You Use

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Catherene - October 10

I was just curious which HPT brand did you gals who got pregnant in here used. Thank you gals in advance!


Rebecca - October 10

Hi~ I used First Response EPT. I got a really faint 2nd line, so, having no patience, I got the Clear Blue Digital with the "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant" read-out. Turns out I could've trusted the First Response, but since the line was so faint, I needed to know for sure! Good luck!


Jen - October 10

I also used the First Response EPT. My line turned dark pink even before the control line did! It took about 10 seconds and that was it so I did not have to wait the 3 mintues they say to wait. Good luck!


louise - October 10

I used Predictor HPT bought to packets tobe sure so that was 4 test's came back positive.I'm 8 wks now Good luck xx


Mandy - October 10

I used cheap pregnancy test strips from www.earlypregnancytests.com I also used first response. I got BFP on both tests one or two days before my period would have been due. The second line was VERY light, but definately a pink line.


val - October 10

I used the Walmart brand Equate tests, 2 of them, both came back dark positive right away....then I used 5 of the Dollar Tree tests(they are so cheap I figured why not) and they also came up dark positive right away. I'm now 13 weeks 2 days.


Catherene - October 10

Ok, I also tried the First Response too, and it came out positive, I was just so weary it wasn't correct, so I took two and it looks like it all is positive. Thanks gals!


Jenn - October 10

I used dollar tree tests but the line was so faint I bought the clear blue easy digital so I wouldn't have to strain my eyes anymore. I got my bfp very quick.


Tracy - October 10

I used Clear Blue Digital and it was really good. I did not have to worry about if the line was too light because it said pregnant in words. I am a pessimist, so if there was anything that could have made me question the results, I would have, so this eliminated that problem. I really think any test you use now will be reliable. Good luck!



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