Who Else Has Gotten Disapearing Symptoms

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margie - February 1

I am really more than ever learing to just take things as they come and realize that nothing is exactly "normal" since my pregnancy has really not follwed the pregnancy books that I've purchased barely at all...but in all those books it acts like its some sort of emergency if you lose your symptoms and not that I couldn't understand why...but it seems to me from reading other womens experiences that a LOT of us have symptoms disapear at some time and have healthy pregnancys and so I don't know why those books have to freak us out so much about it...I am 8w5d and a couple days ago I lost br___t tenderness and my frequent urination has been gone for the past couple weeks actually, it just kind of dwindled down until now im back to normal urination frequency...those were the ONLY pregnancy symptoms Ive really had, I don't have morning sickness at all...I just wondering who else has this disapearance of symptoms and around what week did you notice? did they ever come back? just curious since it seems pretty common.


ChattyKathy - February 1

I don't know.. I'm 10w3d now and I've just realized that I haven't had as much of a gagging problem or anything lately (I never did have full-b__wn MS) My b___bs aren't as sore, either. The only thing that has stayed with me is my hip pain.


jen327 - February 1

Margie, I lost my symptoms almost all together at 9 weeks. Dr. did not seem concerned. I am now 13 weeks.


debbie80 - February 1

Margie- I am 10 weeks and about 8.5 weeks my m/s just stopped. I never had sore bbs or anything, they are just a little bit fuller with now blue veins... I felt great for the past week or so ..now today I woke up with m/s again!! So sometimes they come and go...I really would not worry about it. Your hormones might be stating to level off now and your body is getting used to it....if you are concerned, contact your doctor and have a u/s done if possible....good luck


tish - February 2

i can kind of understand why it is such a big deal in the books. i have had 2 m/c and both times, my symptoms stopped early. the first time, i m/c at 11 weeks and my symptoms were sooooooo strong and then at about 7 weeks, they just stopped. the second time, i m/c at 8 weeks, and my symptoms stopped at about 6 weeks. much like this time. i am 6 w4d and from jan 23-29, i was soooooo sooooo sooooo sick, and now nothing and my b___b were totaly killing me and now they are hurting a little but not much, and it is kind of making me freak out a little. i am really worried that i am going to lose this one. but that is why anyway. it is one of the first signs that you might be going to have a m/c. not that it is the allways the case. lot's of people lose their symptoms as fast as they come and have healthy happy pregnancies, but they just want you to be aware so that if things don't seem right, you can look for loss of symptoms.



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