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patrizia - June 4

can someone tell me about their implantation bleeding ? what is it like ? what color is it and how long did it last ? is it watery,mucosy ? i think i ovulated late this cycle and for the past 4 days i have been having pinkish-watery wipes. just a tad of pink on a pantyliner. and on the TP . if this is implanatation?when should i test ?


LE1977 - June 4

Yes i have had IB TWICE. Both times it was Brown spotting. first time was only for 1/2 day on day AF was due. Second time was for 1 1/2 days and was day before AF and day of AF. It was there whe i wiped and a little made through to pad. MINE WAS DEFO BROWN SPOTTING - NOT PINK


terrie - June 4

I had implantation bleeding, too. It happened 7 days after I obulated and about 6 days before my af was due. I had bight red blood when I wiped. It happened only once. I had no more spotting after that. I tested about 3 days later and i got a positive result, so I knew I was pg way before my af was even due. Its crazy. My other friends did not have it w/ their babies. It was rea__suring for me to have it b/c to me, it meant that the baby had grabbed on tight :)


patrizia - June 5

has anyone else had implanatation bleeding ?


dueJan1607 - June 5

I did as well, about 4 days before my AF was due. I had some light brown spotting for 2 days. I am now 8 weeks pregnant and haven't bled since!


celina78 - June 6

Hi patrizia, I'm 6 weeks and have been having slight pinkish discharge off and on for the past three weeks. It looks like it's pretty common based on what other people on the boards have written.


clm0513 - June 6

dueJan, do you have any other prevalent symptoms?


tritty - June 6

i did have IB but i didn't know that's what it was at the time. it came when my AF was supposed to come and it was very light (never filled a pad and rarely left more than one or two dropplets) and was very PINK. i remember thinking, wow, my blood is a different color this month, that's strange.... and it only lasted about 3 days. so that's that. i'm pretty sure i'm about 10 weeks now and i just got a positive on an hpt last week. if you think you might be pg wait another week and if you get another neg. hpt go get a blood test taken to find out for sure!


clm0513 - June 6

Tritty, I hope you don't mind me asking..Did you have any symptoms around the time of your ib? I had a 'period' last week, however, it too was only 2 1/2 days and only brown spotting..never filled up 2 pads.. Just would like to know about your symptoms..Thanks.:)


patrizia - June 6

how long after implantation bleeding do you have to wait untill we can test ?


dueJan1607 - June 6

clm0513, I didn't have any unusual symptoms. I just thought my AF was on its way and I didn't test until I was 6 days late, thinking that my cycle was delayed. when I was 5 weeks, I started getting nausea and some slight dull cramping in my abdomen and my back. I still have that right now....


NVgirl - June 7

patrizia: I thought I was in the mist of starting AF early because I was spotting a couple of days before AF was due. No actual flow. It was brownish/pink. Then the day of AF, still no flow just a little spotting. Took a HPT and it said BFP. So I knew that it was Implantation Bleeding and not a__socciated with my period.


patrizia - June 8

hi girls- i was just wondering when is the right time to test after this "implantation bleeding " ?how many days after the spotting starts ?


ThinkPink3 - June 12

I had a brown, discharge (slimy, stringy with tiny little bits of tissue) and about 7 drops of bright red blood one night about 4 days before AF was due. I am 5.5 weeks today with no spotting since. I would test either the day of/ or after your AF is expected. Sometimes, however, you won't test positive for over an entire week. It depends. I have discovered, every woman and pregnancy is different.


electronicandy - June 12

I had implantation bleeding this pregnancy on the day I was supposed to get my period. It was PINK.


Tama - June 13

hi ladies! - I had IB on and of for 11 days and got my bfp on the 2nd of June. It was brownish and sometimes bright red (only when wiping). I'm about 4 weeks, i think. going to the gyne again on the 21st June. The IB was a week after i had my period, which lasted 3 days. I remember feeling terrible about this discharge and felt that i did something wrong, meanwhile .... IB! All i have now is creamy discharge.


patrizia - June 13

just wondering when do you test after implantation ? did anyone test more than once until they got a BFP ?



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