Who S Having Their First

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melle - January 23

I'm having my first baby this september and just want to hear from others who are also expecting their first. What are your feelings, fears, wants?


Shay - January 23

I am on cloud 9, it really has not sunk in yet, sometimes its like it is a dream. My fear is that something will happen, my friend lost her baby and i worry about that happening to me, but i try not to think of that. I want this baby to make it full term and be born healthy. It would be my dream come true.


krissy - January 23

hey melle this is my frist and i am also due in september if i figured it out all right....hopefully dr. will let me know later this month if i am right....havent had my first dr. appt get i see the nurse on 2/6 then i have my first real dr. appt...bigest fear is i dont feel pregnant persay i do have headaches and i feel pressure from strecting but thats about it....how are u feeling?


zinger43 - January 23

I too am carrying my first and due in September!! I found out by surprise at my annual very early---I hadn't even missed a period yet! I am very happy about it! It feels right and I am sure it was meant to be! Funny thing...I was having hip problems from falling down stairs and I was so intent on gettin xrays but for some reason they didn't send me for them and I didn't insist...found out about the baby a week later! I hate to even think about what could have happened had I gone through the xrays!


melle - January 23

Some days I feel pregnant and days that I don't. Mostly I feel tired and I certainly get hungry a lot more often. My husband laughs at me. I get a little nausea, only every once in awhile, nothing too big, thank goodness. I sometimes don't feel pregnant as like you Krissy. But I've been to the dr. and he said I am and I'm going in again and hopefully I will be far along to see the little on on ultrasound. I haven't told my family yet. Did you tell your family? if so how did you tell them?


fefer1 - January 23

I am 7 weeks 3 days, due Sept 8th. I was ver excited until the sickness/tiredness hit! Now I keep wondering what I was thinking! :) I just get up in the morning w/ith heartburn, feel all dizzy, dry heave, and then feel sick all day. It sucks! I also saw the heartbeat at 7 weeks and it is amazing!


Julianna - January 23

This is my first baby. I am due September 7th. Sometimes I forget I'm pregnant....I have no morning sickness and I feel great!!! I'm hoping for a girl. Good luck and congratulations to all of you!!!


KLB - January 23

I also am having my first, due in Sept.. I think I am 6 weeks along.. I go to the doctors on Feb 3... I dont have any symptoms, I didnt even think I was pregnant. It took 4 positive tests to make me believe it.. I am just really tired, emotional, and peeing alot! Ohhh and of course my bb's are still sore & I get AF like cramps


taterbaby - January 23

This is my first baby also. According to my calculations I am due aroung September 11th. I haven't had my first appt. yet though. For those of you with no morning sickness...count yourselves lucky. I sailed through the 1st 6 week with no real complaints. Now, I have nausea from am to pm. I teach school and its hard to be with a cla__s full for studens when you want to either throw up or sleep. I hope that I am lucky enough not to have this last the whole pregnancy. I did read somewhere though that women who have morning sickness are at a lower risk of miscarriage. I don't know if that's true though. My mom had no morning sickness and there are 4 of us. Oh, to be so lucky. It's all worth it though. I had a miscarriage in September before I reached this point so I am ecstatic to be at 7 weeks. I ant wait till my appointment on Feb 7!!!!


carol23 - January 23

This will be our first as well. We're very excited. However, my husband is on TDY (military) and he left me here in Germany alllll by myself with no family nearby. I do have supportive friends though which helps, but it's not the same. Anyway, what gets me is that he's not here to witness all my symptoms. It feels as if i have the WORST nausea ever!! I wake up feeling sick, i go to bed feeling sick. I have to eat something at least every hour to keep my stomach from growling and me from puking what i just ate an hour ago!! My b___bs are KILLING me. Why can't we just lay eggs and just chill on top of them?? Just kidding. I feel miserable, but i would not give this experience up for anything. IT's amazing just to know that there's a little person in my belly. I get so excited evertime i think about it.


eva2340403 - January 23

Hi Melle, this is our first as well. I had a miscarriage dec. 1 05 and while i am scared i am elated as well. thankfully no complications and this is my 5th week. last time there was spotting right away. i really just want to hit the 3 month mark with no complications. just very hungry and mildly tired right now :) good luck to all!


Lizzylou - January 24

Hey tater and eva, I had a miscarriage in March and just found out I am pregnant again (and am due 3 days before my first due date). I have been very emotional, crying every day. I am so scared to have another miscarriage that I am almost pretending not to be pregnant so I won't get my hopes up just yet. I m/c'd at 13 weeks, I don't want to tell my family that I am pregnant until after I have pa__sed that point... do either of you feel that way?


krissy - January 24

hey ladies! yeah i told my family and every one is pretty excited! i am almost 21yrs old but my dad been waiting for his first grandbaby lol....all of is other 6 brothers have grandbabys so he will be the last....my boyfriend on the other hand has only told his mom...she is really happy and cant wait but we are waiting to tell the rest of his family his parents are divoriced and his mom lives in cananda so its not too hard not to tell them.....but we will see when he wants to tell them....but yeah all my symptoms are sore b___bs off and on headache most of the day depending on what i eat sick to my stomach and heartburn basically every night and in the morning! talk u all later bye


melle - January 24

I also teach school and boy I have to try real hard not to be moody with these kids. For the most part I feel fine, though I do have wave of nausea every once in awhile, nothing too major. I'm 28 and have been married 1 1/2 years. We're so excited. We are inviting my family to our house this weekend for dinner, that is when I'm going to tell them. They don't even know that we've been trying, so I hope it is a surprise. I can't wait until it is out in the open so I can have others happy and excited for this new addition to our family. I'll be having the 4th grandbaby for my parents within 1 year. They're going to be so excited. Thanks for sharing, girls, keeping talking I love to hear your stories.


Marie - January 24

I am 8 weeks today and the only symptoms I have so far are bigger bbs, which I love and so does my DH! :) And fatigue. I don't have m/s but instead feel sick in the evenings and can barely eat dinner. We are telling my parents this weekend! Can't wait!


zinger43 - January 24

I am also a teacher and have found it quite difficult to stay focused! I also feel kind of grouchy after lunch and have to reminid myself to stay "cheery"!!


Autumn2006 - January 24

I am having my first angel but I am really sad. My boyfriend was happy about it but know he wont talk to me because of his parents... They hate me and had me arrested. I have murals but I dont want to put my baby through this. I think it might be best if I had an abortion. I dont want to but I am scared and sad of what his parents might try to do after my baby is born. His dad is district attorney and mom is code inforcement. They said I was traspa__sing when I wasnt. I just left a note on the door and since they are who they are I was arrested no where near the house. I just want to scream... Please I need some support.



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