WHOO HOO I Saw My Tiny Little Baby

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YorkieLover - March 14

Thanks to everyone who replied to my post when I was freaking out about bleeding. I had an u/s done today and it turns out my baby is just FINE! I thought I was at 6w2d but they had me at 7w2d. Turns out, I am on my period and I know that's not uncommon, but come on! I was hoping to get a break from having to deal with my periods, haha. Anyway, I'm just so happy that everything is ok. I had to share. However, even though I'm only at 7 weeks, all of my symptoms just stopped. Has this happened to anyone else?


Neets - March 15

Hi Yorkie. Glad all's well, but even if you get rea__surance from other women, you never really rest until you have an u/s to confirm it's OK (speaking from experience!). My symptoms came and went. I had really sore bbs, and then it stopped. I near had m/s, just a welling feeling in my throat. I thought that my preg must be going wrong, and it wasn't until I had my 1st & 2nd u/s that I started to relax and go with the flow of the pregnancy. My last u/s was last Friday. It's very common for symptoms to end, so don't worry. Enjoy your journey xx :0)


Robyn - March 15

Hi Yorkie, That's awesome that you got to see your little one! How weird is it that you are still getting your period! Did they say it will come every month? I am also just over 7 wks and I am losing my symptoms too, especially the bb tenderness and i've been having some cramps, sometimes sharp ones, which freaks me out b/c of 2 previous m/c. I'm hoping to see a hb tomorrow, but like Neets said, rea__surance from others is nice but until you see for yourself its hard to relax. I hope the rest of your pg is uneventful and happy! Take care!


Neets - March 15

Sorry, typo - meant, I never had m/s.


Erin333 - March 15

Congratulations Yorkie, I'm so happy for you.Thats pretty neat that your a week ahead, most people turn out to be a week behind what they think. Thats what happened to me this time. Have you told your folks about the baby yet? I told my mom and sister right away, but I haven't told my dad yet. He was really hoping I would go back and get my Masters this August. I think I'll tell him this weekend because I'm going over to visit them and its becoming hard for me to hide my belly. I didn't have any M/S but I do remember my other symptoms coming and going during the first 8 weeks. Take Care.


YorkieLover - March 17

Neets, I think I'm gonna have my 2nd u/s after my 9th week so my boyfriend can go with me. I'm still worried, but I do hope that the 2nd u/s helps me out. Robyn, so sorry you had to go through it twice. They didn't say anything about my period or whether it would happen again, just that it's not uncommon. Erin333, I def. haven't told my parents yet. =( Still, very very scared. I def. won't be able to go to Mason next fall semester, but I'll finish this semester and I'll go to summer school. Maybe that will ease their fear a bit. Good luck with your dad. Sorry I forget, how far along are you now? Hope everyone is doing great!


Erin333 - March 17

Yorkie, trust me, i completey understand your being scared to tell your parents. Like I said, I am still terrified to tell my dad even though I am 24, have a college degree, a great job, own my own townhouse and have a fiance. Not to mention another kid, with my fiance. I just know how easily dissapointed he can get. Totally the type of household where you were expected to get all A's or else. I think its best you wait till your done with the first trimester to tell your parents, that way you wont have told them for nothing, god forbid something terrible were to happen. I don't think I told my parents with my first pregnancy until I was 18 weeks along. I was thin and able to hide it really well. I am now 16 weeks with this pregnancy and my dad still doesn't know, although he will on Sunday. Wish me luck :)



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