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patrizia - June 13

i have read that some people did not knew they were pregnant until very late 8-10-12 weeks . how is that psssible? did all the hpt come out negative ? were you still getting a weird af ? and how did you find out that you were pregnant ? how often were you testing ? thanks!!!.


Cocozen - June 13

Some people just don't get symptoms at all. My friend did not know she was pregnant until she was 5 months. It differs for everyone though. Some people know right off the bat and others like myself take 18 tests in a row when it comes out positive. =P. Also HcG levels are different for all women. Some women it is too low in the beginning for the HPT to come out positive. So even if they take a pregnancy test knowing they are pregnant it will still be negative. I knew I was pregnant because my ears got very itchy inside. That's jsut me though. And then came the missed period, then the pregnancy tests. I took 10 tests in total 2 a day for 5 days. Some say it's a waste of money but for me I needed the rea__surance.


Bluespace86 - June 13

I'm 13 weeks and I just found out I was pregnant 5 days ago. I had problems going to work though for a month because the smells there got to me (I serve soup @[email protected]), and one day while taking the temperatures of the soups, lobster bisque in particular, I had a sudden urge to throw up...this was about 2 weeks ago and then afterwards I was too scared to take a test cuz I'm in the middle of college XD


JESS1980 - June 13

I didn't find out until I was 9 weeks. I took 2 hpt's and both were negative (may have tested too soon). I also got my period....but it was lighter and shorter than usual. I finally went to the doctor b/c I thought I had the stomach flu. I was throwing-up a lot. But it turns out I was pregnant. I was on birth control, so my husband and I were totally surprised. But it was a WONDERFUL surpise for us.


sc_august - June 13

JESS1980- how long were you in birth control? My last AF was April 30 - May 5, then i bleed heavily again on May 10-15. I'm sure this is the bc pills i've been taking that's making my hormones chaotic. Any who, i'm at at normal 28 day cycle and my AF was due May 28, however, i only had brown spotting for that one day. Yesterday, 5/12/06, i've had another light spotting but that was it. no AF since. I know it takes awhile for AF to kick in when taking birth control pills but what are my chances of being pregnant? I just gave birth 4months ago and just started on the pills mid-april, ended around the 25th of May. I've tested consecutively, and still receiving Negative results. Am i just testing too soon or is my body playing games w/ me? It'd would be wonderful to have another one on the way, but i'd love to spend time w/ the newborn. Please help..



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