Why Am I Not Showing

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Casey In concern - March 17

I am curious because I cant tell that i am showing I am 5'3 and weight 160 lbs, will my size make it harder for me to start showing I was Just wondering cause this has me worried please let me know.....


casey in concern - March 17

and i forgot to say also that i am 7wks and 6 days should i be showing?


J - March 17

If this is your first pregnancy you probably won't show for a while. I didn't show with my first until about 5 months. I am now 10 weeks with my second and my belly is just starting to pop.


ellie - March 17

If it's your first child you can got up to 16 weeks and barely be showing but due to everything already been stretched you will generally start showing earlier with 2nd child onwards. With my first I stopped working at 30 weeks and only went two clothes sizes up and didn't need pregnancy clothes and my baby weighed 8lbs so it was all baby. But this is my 3rd and I'm 7 weeks and 1 day and my clothes are starting to feel a bit tight. So every one is different. Best wishes


Heidi - March 17

I'm 9 wks with first pregnancy and I just look sort of bloated. All my jeans still fit too and the only reason I probably gained a few lbs was because I was too sick to get to the gym. I'm 5'3 118 lbs....I hope I don't show till I'm 5 months!!!


Stephanie - March 30

I am 17 weeks. I have a 3 yar old who I showed with when I was about 19 weeks. But at 17 weeks I am not showing at all.


Wendy - March 30

i doubt you will be showing yet, maybe i have yours.. i am 11 wks and looks like i am 6 mths.. very hard to keep it a secret that's for sure.. But I am sure everything is fine...


S - March 31

Hi Casey....dont worry, as everyone else said it takes longer with first baby to start showing. Another thing is how your body is built. Skinny ones will start showing sooner, curvier ones later. So relax and enjoy your pregnancy.


lilmum - March 31

i didn't show with my first pregnancy until 23weeks. I felt movement, had an ultrasound, my husband could even feel movement while my tummy was still relatively flat. I am only 5'4 and 112lbs before my first baby, and i figured i would show really early, but the baby grew mostly inside, and it took my tummy muscles a while to finally let go. It depends on you, the way your uterus expands, the baby ect..


cheryl - April 12

im 19 and going on my 5th month. the doc says in a few weeks hell be able to tell what im having in the ultrasound. But im not showing yet... whats the deal with that. YOu think they can?


Kim - April 12

Every woman is different. I have even gone to websites that show pictures of women at various stages and some look more pregnant at 8 weeks than others do at 28 weeks. I am 11 weeks and I am starting to develop a little belly but this may also be bloating. At 7-8 weeks, I was still fitting into most clothes. At this point, less and less is starting to fit. As of my appt. today, I have gained 3 pounds. I am 5' tall and of average weight.


Barbara - April 20

I and 5'4 and 155 pounds and 16 weeks pregnant, I not showing yet eighter, I hope it will be soon I and so excited!


Desiree - April 20

Hey Casey- I am 9w4d with my first... and I am showing... my clothes are tight and I can't wear jeans anymore... but everyone is different it will probably start for you soon! good luck


to: casey in concern - April 20

my name is michele and i'm right there with you. i am 7wks 3 days with my first and im not showing at all. i am the same height as you 5'3" although i weigh 122 lbs. and other than a bit cramp like pains, sensative b___sts and 2 positive pregnancy tests (hpt and a blood test) i would have no idea that i was pregnant. good luck


Gaby - April 21

If im 9 weeks and 6 days pregnant shouldnt i have at least a little bit of tummy???? please i want to know and yeah its my first pregnancy im 14 years old



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