Why Am I Showing Already

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Camie - February 2

I am only 8 weeks pregnant and my stomach has popped out already. This is my first pregnancy. Just within the last 1 1/2 weeks. I am 5 ft 4 in tall and weigh 134 right now. I weighed 132 at the beginning of all of this. I am very confused as to why my stomach has popped out already. I have not gained alot of weight. Everyone around me keeps making such a big deal about my stomach being so big already? Why is this happening? By the way. Everything seems pretty normal. Getting morning sickness and am so tired that i feel like i could colapse at any time.


just a thought! - February 2

maybe its twins?


aida - February 3

I'm in a 9th week and my pants are to small for me already! Today I had ultrasound check and it's not twins, it's one normal healthy fetus! So, don't worry, not all babies are the same size. It probably means that your baby will be big, over 4 kg!:)


Rachel - February 3

It could be because you are small and don't have much fat on your tummy to hide the pooch. Don't worry about it. You are perfectly fine :)


Raye - February 4

it could also be gas. i cant hold my stomach in at all anymore. i was told its gas related.


MB - February 4

Camie, you have nothing to worry about. Tell those people to shut it and that every "body" is different. My best friend just had a baby on the 13th of Jan and when she was 2 months as well she looked 4 months, and when she was 4 months she looked 6 months. We bugged her about twins but there was only one cutie there. She was getting sick of the comments and I was getting tired of defending her all the time. "Well my belly didn't look like that when I was pregnant...yadda yadda". Ignore them, enjoy your belly and your doing great with your weight gain-normal. A great link to look at is http://pregnancy.about.com/cs/pregnancyphotos/l/blbelly1index.htm it has different women's pregnant bellies, so you'll see that you are okay!


J - February 7

Was wondering the same thing I feel really bloated but have been going to the bathroom #2 almost 2 times a day! I am only 5 weeks but my jeans are already getting tighter and belly is popping out! I didn't start showing until 5 months with my son. I am very a very small lady!



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