Why Are You So Tired All The Time

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Deauna - January 9

Ah I just wanted to vent , my man is anoyed with me wanting to sleep all the time, ive read him articles and tried to explain what my body is going through but he just dosnt get it....just wanted to know how i could explain this to him without getting into a fight and i really need to sleep and i feel guilty now when i do and leave him with our two year old ...cause she is going through a really crazy stage right now....just want to know how everyone else deals with being tired all the time and normal everyday life,,and i know i shoudnt complain because i dont have to work right now and i know alot of you do.....


kesha0723 - January 9

hi deauna. first off congratulations on your pregnancy. how many weeks are you? don't worry it seems like it'll never happen but you will get your eneryg back and feel "normal". my husband and i watch a lot of Discovery Health birthing shows together (maybe that would help).


Chris1975 - January 10

Hi Dauna, during my 1st Pregnancy, i slept almost the entire 1st trimester hehe (well til about 10 wks). After that, all my energy came back til i gave birth. I gotta say, this time, i am exhausted, but due to having my 10mth old son, I only manage to get about 6-8 hours sleep a day on average!!! Dont let anyone get to you in the 1st Tri...its a nerve wracking time and your body has increased its heartrate, metabolism and blood flow, in the ma__sive changes that are to follow, so no wonder your tired :)


norma jeane - January 11

Deauna, I can totally relate, my husband is compaining that I never want to do anything anymore and I send him out with my two year old all the time so I can crawl into bed for an hour! I'm not usually like this, I feel lazy and guilty. I did'nt notice this exhaustion with my first?!


Missie76 - January 12

He needs to understand that your body is going through a huge deal right now. Pregancy takes a lot out of you. During the first trimester I slept ALL the time. Don't worry. Once you hit the Second Trimester, you're fatique should lessen. I have more energy now than I have had. Good Luck!!!!


star1 - January 14

hello deauna!! perfectly normal too feel so tired this is my second pregnancy and yes both times totally tired in first 12 weeks there are two main reasons for this 1) in the first twelve weeks is when everything develops by twelve weeks your baby has almost everything after that everything just has to mature and grow so in the in the first twelve weeks your are under a great deal of strain. 2) i was told that when your pregnant your sleep is different normally when you sleep your body slows down etc but when your pregnant it does not it needs to keep working at full speed to maintain and look after your baby so you dont really get a deep sleep. after 12 to 14 weeks you should get alot more energy it must be hard with a two year old my son is eight so at school during the day so i can rest then. at first my husband was concerned at how tired i was i explained and said after the twelve i should be better (he has had to do all the cooking in the last two weeks!) to be honest think it has made him realise how much i normally do and appreciate me more!!!!! dont forget although they wont probably admit it they are scared that this is how it will be when the new baby comes. make sure you take your vitamins healthy diet etc this will give you some energy


Deauna - January 14

Hi , thanks to everyone who replied i think i managed to explain it to him , i hope, he dosnt get annoyed when i go to take a nap now ,


carpenter - January 23

Is this his first? My husband was alittle unable to understand it all the first time around this is the second time for him and this time he is much better my house is a mess and all I want to do is sleep into the second trimester your energy begins to return. your making another human being its another life sucking your life out so they can live. I too never understood why the man has such a hard time getting it. tell him its like you just worked a double and you havn't slept in 24 hours. idk! good luck



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