Why Do I Get Cramps When I Have To Go To The Bathroom

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meg - October 17

I just found out I was pg. a few days ago, & I've been having cramps for the past week or so, nothing bad, just feels like AF is coming. However, I have noticed that they tend to get worse when I really have to go to the bathroom (#1). Any idea why? I'm a teacher, & I definitely cannot use the bathroom whenever I want, so this is becoming a really common thing for me. Thanks for the help!


watkins - October 17

i am not 100% sure, but if i would have to guess, i would guess that it is because the bladder is now applying pressure to your growing uterus. again, not 100% sure, it is just a guess, but it sounds good if i do say so myself lol! i am the opposite, i have them every morning before i have to go #2, and i remember that happening with my son, so i am not too worried. is it really painful to you, or is it just happening on the initial onset of having to go? take care, and congrats to you!


meg - October 17

watkins, I think that sounds like a really good answer too! The cramps aren't painful, just noticable! I have cramps periodically throughout the day, but they just seem to intensify when I have to go to the bathroom! When are you due?


watkins - October 19

hey meg. i think that it is somewhere, early to mid june, but i go to the doctor monday to see for sure. how about you?


erenimi - October 20

you may wanat to makes sure that its not a bladder infection. I know i got one when i first got pregnant, and it sounds like that might be it, if its happoning with #1.


ChattyKathy - October 20

That has happened to me with all of my pregnancies (on number three). Its because of the pressure. Everything is growing and stretching in your tummy, so having a full bladder on top of that makes it a bit uncomfortable, but your baby is fine, you just may need to work something out later on in your pregnancy as its going to get harder to not go to the bathroom.



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