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Newberry SC - March 15

i am about 7 weeks and the only symptoms i have is im tired, and moody, and have slight cramps in the lower part of my stomach is this normal cause it was totally diffrent with my first two?


Janey - March 15

I am 10 21/2 weeks, the only symtons I had at 7 weeks was being tired. since then, I have only had sore b___sts and some headaches. I think it is perfectly normal, consider yourself lucky!


Misty - March 15

If your doctor says that everything is OK and you aren't missing symptoms because your HCG levels are too low then definatly consider yourself lucky. I had no symptoms with my first prenancy until the end when I had horrible heartburn from the baby pushing my stomach up. So yeah, as long as everything is progressing well then you just happen to be one of the lucky ones.


Kim - March 15

I am about 7 1/2 weeks and have very few symptoms as well. I do not know what my HCG levels are since I don't have my first appt. until 03/25 but from everything I have read, there are a good amount of women who don't have a lot of symptoms at all. I do have acne that I never had before, sore b___sts, mood swings, and I am pretty tired. I have very little nausea, if any, and so I am just hoping that I am one of the lucky ones for now.


Sophie - March 16

I am 6 weeks and feel just like you - besides being tired and moody, and a little more hungry, I only rarely feel some mild cramping but no nausea or anything else... oh I have developed some really oily-acne skin this week.


maria - March 16

me too-i had one week of bbs hurting but it could have been the progesterone supplements i am taking.. anyway, even taht is less.. i am almost 9 weeks and am mostly tired, moody and just recently started getting headaches..


to Sophie - March 16

I have seen your posts on other boards and our situations do sound very similar. Best of luck to your in your pregnancy and keep us up to date on how you are doing. I have my first appt. on 03/25 and hopefully I will be able to get an u/s on that day. I am looking forward to having some rea__surance that everything is okay. Kim



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