Why Would My Family Doc Prescribe This

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cnasmom - January 11

I went to the doc a few days ago because of a cough i have had for almost a month now. i can't cough anything up and it makes me vomit sometimes from the coughing fits. He thinks it is a combination of sinuses and asthma. I can't take an inhaler, i have bad reactions to them, i was awake for 3 days straight. well, he didn't want to give me antibiotics yets, he gave me cheratussin ac with CODEINE, he said thats what they give pregnant women when regular robitussin won't work. well i looked it up online and it said codeine shouldn't be taken in pregnancy!!!! this isn't my ob, just a family doctor, but why would he prescribe that??? I have only taken it twice but now i am scared!


LeslieM - January 11

hi cnasmom...i wouldnt take it. coedine is listed by the FDA as category C, which means they are unsure of the effects it has on pregnancy. dont take it....id ask your OB to reccomend something...mine was great and gave me a different prescription for migraines because the one i have taken for years wa bad for pregnancy. good luck, and hang in there. also, if its your sinuses, i believe ( but ask first) that benedryl is safe. that will dry up your sinuses and maybe help that cough.......


cnasmom - January 11

if i could just cough the stuff up it would be great! but its a dry cough and feels like my throat has something in it. but i only took it 2 times today and i won't take it anymore because i read the same thing u did about category C. thanks so much. i hope the 2 times i took it won't hurt the baby.


LeslieM - January 11

im sure the baby is just fine...seriously though, if it is a dry cough that COULD be allergies and benedryl will also block the hysthamines that are causing the symptoms....also, i have a huge earache and my dr, looked in and it was all inflamed...she reminded me that womens sinuses get messed up when preggers, and to squirt saline spray up my nose. i read that in one of my books too. that is COMPLETELY safe and may help too. im routing for you!


cnasmom - January 11

thanks, yeah, he thought it was sinuses causing my asthma to act up. i just feel all congested and cant get nothing out!!! ughhhhh!!! it gets worse at night too. but i go to my ob wed. and by then i will have had this for almost a month! so i hope she can give me something!


forevermissed - January 12

My ob prescribed the same thing this week when I called on Tues. I have been sick since x-mas and not sleeping well. I didn't take it either. So nervous about it... I did go to the GP the other night. He did give me a script for an antibiotic which is safe during pregnancy. But, I am going to wait a little longer. If it gets worse then I will take it. Hopefully, I can fight it off. Good luck to you. Hope you feel better.


sarah21 - January 13

There are other, safer alternatives to codeine, like Singulair which treats allergies and asthma. Definitely go to an OB and get something different.


Gemini_Girl - January 14

Hi, I suffered from really bad headaches during pregnancy and both my family doc and my ob said it was ok to take paracetamol and codeine together, but they did stress that I wasnt to take it all the time, as the baby can become dependant, however they were a bit vague on how often I could take codeine, they both just said when the pain was really bad....


cnasmom - January 14

I used to take singulair. i didn't know u could take it during pregnancy! if so i will start taking it again!



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