Wicked Headaches Have Any Suggestions For Relief

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sml - April 4

I am getting some very bad headaches that are leaning towards migraines. I do suffer from the occassional migraine and when I get it, it is severe. I have been told that I cannot take anything for it after having to attend a walk-in clinic yesterday for a bad headache that was blurring my vision... does anyone else suffer from headaches and have any suggestions on how I can deal with headaches. I have been told to get a massage but that does not work and am scared if untreated it will lead to a full blown migraine which puts me out of commission. I have been told that it might be caused by the hormone level rapid increase??


M - April 4

You can take tylenol or drink small amounts of caffine. I usually just put a cold towl on my head during pregnancy related headaches. They'll go away, don't worry. Headaches are normal during pregnancy but if they get too bad you should call your doctor.


Misty - April 4

Yes, like M said you are able to take tylenol during pregnancy. I would just recommend that when you feel one coming on take 1 tylenol if that doesn't seem to help go ahead and start taking 2. They always say to use the smallest dose needed. But it is safe, so just start out trying to use a smaller dose.


lb - April 5

Caffine in small amounts has helped me.


Judy - April 5

I had really horrible headaches with my first pregnancy. If you have to, take tylenol before they get severe. Lie down if possible and put a cold pac on your head. If you try and relax (visualize yourself on a beach with waves coming in and out - and each wave takes some of the pain away) this helped me alot! It's worth a try! Good luck


RG - April 5

I had headaches at the beginning and if you cut caffeine out, then that could be a cause. I'm weird here, all these ladies say cold rag or something on your head....I'm opposite. I like to get a heat pack and put it on my eyes and try to go to sleep. That's the best thing I've found to do and I do take Tylenol. Good luck!


Nadine - April 5

Could be a caffene withdrawl. Try to keep hydrated...I know, no one knows your pain but you. Good luck.


sml - April 5

thanks for the advice. unfortunately tylenol has not been working for me and has been causing me to be quite quezy if not sick completely. but i think i will definitely try both of the suggestions that were offered in regards to the cold compress and heat. Thanks again...


Carol - April 5

Talk to your doctor. I suffer from migrane headaches and she told me to take two Tylenol as soon as I felt on coming on. She also gave me a prescription for something stronger to take , but only if I REALLY need it. She also said the extra strength tylenol was fine.


Carol - April 5

Oh, I meant to add that as a severe migrane sufferer for years one of the worst thing syou can do is to delay taking medication. Also, if you take only one tylenol and it doesn't go away with 20 minutes, take another one. Taking one and then taking another two hours later is not going to help. I would not be worried about taking two right off the bat. I speak from experience. I used to try to take as little as possible and wait and wait hoping the headache would go away on its own. After seeing several neurologists, I learned that this was the worst thing to do. It can sometimes make the headache worse. I hope this helps you. Luckily while I have been PG I have had hardly any headaches at all and I used to have 4 to 5 a week!


X - April 5

I'm 8 weeks along and suffer migraine-like headaches ( I see flashes sometimes). I usually drink lots of water and make sure I get some fresh air. A quick stroll around the neighborhood helps me too. I suck on juicy fruit-- just helping a bit if I was hungry coz it could've trickled the headache. If at work, I take a 5 minute break, go out of the building and take 100 deep breaths :). Never get myself hungry. At home, after feeding myself, opening the window for some fresh air, wearing comfy clothes, I lie down in a dim room, close my eyes and think of my dream vacation :).


lilmum - April 5

i take steamy showers and that seems to help. Mine tend to be from the runny nose thing though. also try drinking more water during the day, dehydration can cause severe headaches and it's not hard to get dehydrated while pregnant. Good luck


K - April 6

I had my first appointment yesterday and suffer from migraines as well. I asked if my meds that I take for my migraines was fine. I was told 1 of the 2 are ok but if I develop problems not taking the one the dr. would perscribe a new med for me. I was told I could use Tylenol, Sudafed & a cold compress to help if I did wanted to instead of the meds I have. Just call the dr and let him/her know what your going through and maybe they can figure something out for you. Oh and also the dr said women who are pregnant sometimes suffer more with the headaches and some do not. I guess in our case we are suffering more. I hope you can figure out what works well in your case.


Amy - June 11

Try "Excedrin Tension Headache)...they are aspirin free...they only contain Tylenol (acetaminophen) and caffeine. My Dr. said that they are safe to take and they help me better than regular Tylenol.



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