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angelinakai - March 26

i am 10 weeks and my hips have spead. i havent gained very much weight, but my butt is so much wider! has this happened to anyone else?? does it go back to normal after the baby comes?


amethyst_dragonfly - March 26

Ooh angelinakai, you're getting a lil' bootylicious girl!?! I'm just teasing... your a__s and hips are spreading because you're body is making room for the baby. You'll be glad not a have a narrow backside once your baby starts to relax against your spine! That big ole booty will come in handy-- more cushin' for the pushin' baby!


amethyst_dragonfly - March 26

No, seriously sweetie, don't worry. Your body will work hard to return back to normal. *But a little bit of hips never hurt anybody*


angelinakai - March 27

Thanks amethyst.... all of these changes are kinda weird. my b___t and hips were not small before, but i am only 5'2, so i guess my lil sticky bean just needed some extra room :) thanks


HannahBaby - March 27

liers!!! it doesnt go back!! you can lose the weight but most likely the spreading of the hips is here to stay!!


KellyO - March 27

I wouldn't call anyone a liar. Everyone's body is very different. Some are just lucky and some of us have to work at getting them back to normal.


angelinakai - March 27

Basically I just want to know if its normal. esp this early on in my pregnancy. im one of those that always has to work hard for my body anyways, so im sure that will happen with me. does anyone else not like being pregnant? i feel bad about it, but i dont like it. none of my clothes fit so i have absolutely nothing to wear! i had to wear sweat pants and a t-shirt to church yesterday. i just wore a long coat to cover it. maternity clothes are still way too big :( but i love my baby to peices already so its worth it i know


squished - March 27

This happened to one of my friends. The first almost four months, all that grew on her was her hips and b___t! I'm sure we'll all get it at some time :)



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