Will I Fit Into My Wedding Dress At 4 Months Pregnant

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Kay - September 1

My fiancee and I got engaged 5 months ago and have been planning the wedding of our dreams ever since. We've already invested so much into it, unfortunately none of it beeing refundable and worse of all no availability for an earlier date. My dilema is that I've already purchased my wedding dress, will I still be able to fit into it at four months pregnant?. You See I want to show off my gown on my wedding day and not my belly, that I would preffer to show off at my baby shower> Any suggestions...


Annie - July 21

I was about three months pregnant right before I lost my baby. I didn't even look pregnant, you couldn't even tell. I don't know for sure but it just might vary depending on your body and the way it reacts to it. Good Luck!


Kay - July 22

Help! Help! Help! Anyone out there with any answers to my question. PLEASE RESPOND, I'm very very nerveous. Wedding, planning, scheduling but worse of all very worried and pregnant, I don't want to be nerveous while pregnant it might affect the baby. THEREFORE HELP!!!


Janet - July 23

I am 11 weeks pregnant and I am getting married in September. I will be 18 weeks on my wedding day. I called my dress store as soon as I found out and they said they would be able to modify the dress to fit me as I grow. There is no telling for sure how you look at 4 months. Everyone is different. Most likely you will have a small belly, but it is something to be PROUD of! This is a blessing even though the timing may be a little off for you. What style dress do you have? Hopefully it's not skin tight on you now. Good Luck.


Cathy - July 29

This is what tailors live for. Fear not-- any dress can be altered to fit, even if extra cloth panels need to be sewn on.. A good tailor can do it. Don't try to pinch pennies too much when getting a good tailor- quality work does cost money. Some styles of dress are more flattering and- and less revealing- than others. Wish you luck and congrats on your wedding and baby!


laura - August 7

I am only 14 weeks pregnant (first-time) and I am definitely showing. My pre-pregnancy size was a 4 (for many years), and I just grew out of size 9 and went running for the maternity store. I had a very strong appet_te during the first trimester as eating constantly seemed to keep nausea at bay, so that probably contributed to my steady growth. The good news is, you should be feeling great for your wedding day! Best wishes!


Kay - August 10

Thank you to all of you for your responds I really do appreciate your support and friendly advice. And in respond to Janet, my dress is actualy body fitting on my torso but from the hips down is actually a big skirted gown. In other words perfectly suitable for someone with a tiny waist, which is a very contradicting style for the pregnant look. I guess if I would have known about the pregnacy before purchasing the dress, I would have prefered more like a babyboll type style.


G - August 24

I am 18 weeks pregnant, and it's very evident that I am expecting, unless I go out of my way to disguise the fact. Buy a bouquet, that covers the middle of your dress, and tell the photographer in advance, so that he/she sets up strategic pics. Change during the second half of the reception, so that you aren't wearing something figure hugging and you'll feel comfortable on the dancefloor. Nobody will ever know, and even if they suspect, who cares. Your're not the first pregnant woman to walk down the aisle, and you definately won't be the last!


jomora braswell - September 1

I'm sorry but im 5months pregnant, see your body stretches its going to get bigger by your wedding day. see can maybe get it altered at the cleaners. or where you brought it from. dont give upset. you will look beautiful on your wedding day!!!!!!!!



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