Will I See Smthg On A Vag U S Just 5 W Gestational Age

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gcmickens - February 12

Hi! I had an u/s @ 4 weeks (5 weeks, 5 days since first day of last menstrual period) last Thursday and my doc said she couldn't see the sac - normal? - is it too early? I am going back this Thursday and I will be about 5 weeks (6 w/5 d since 1st day of last af) - do you think I'll see the sac and the tiny embryo yet this week or will it take another week @ 6 weeks??? What have you ladies expereinced with early va___al ultrasounds???


kaydenceb - February 12

hi there, i had a scan 2 weeks ago which made me 5wk4d, we seen the sac and everything, they are re scanning me again this week so i will be 7wk4d to check the heartbeat, it just orderpends what they see all pregnancies are different


gcmickens - February 12

Thanks Kay - that rea__sures me ALOT! :-) I guess 4 weeks was just too soon... hopefully by this Thursday we will see what you saw at 5w4days!


tulip - February 12

You may just be too early, but they should see something this week when you go in. Even though you think you know exactly your dates (last period, conception, etc.) they can be off, and you find out once they date you on the ultrasound. So, I wouldn't worry, I'm sure this week they will see a sac....


gcmickens - February 12

Txs Tulip! I AM sure of the 3 exact dates that dh and I bd-ed though as well as 1st day of AF because I was closely monitoring every detail while ttc - you know how it is LOL!!!... Hopefully, my doc will believe me when we see what we see at the next ultrasound, which should be 5 w and either 4, 7 or 8 days to be exact! Something should be visible then right? And what if she still doesn't see a sac and embryo by then - what would THAT mean?


Leilani14 - February 13

I had soem brown spotting so I had early U/S. I was close about my ovulation day When I went in I thaught I was 5w5d We only saw amniotic sac and a little bubble in it called yolk sac. No embrio. They ordered me for U/S in a week so I thaught I will be 6w5d. We saw a baby and a heartbeat and it measured 6w2d. So I was off 3 days.


gcmickens - February 13

That's awesome Leilani! I'm so glad you saw your baby! Were yoou 5w5d from ovulation or from your last AF? Last Thursday when I got the u/s I was 5w5d from first day of last AF or just 4 weeks gestational age - waay too early right? So this Thursday when I get my 2nd U/S I'll be only 5 weeks gestational age - is that still too early to see anything?


Leilani14 - February 13

I was 5w5d from my last menstrual period (LMP). Just like you, but I was actually 5w2d. Don't worry, you may be off with your ovulation and this early just few days off can mean between seeing a baby or not. I think you should see something in next week, at least sac and yolk sac.Good luck


Angela Mac - February 13

I'm going in for an u/s next Thrusday. I will be just over 5 weeks. They told me that they probably wouldn't see anything but I have no idea why do it then, but I'm not the doctor. They want to get me in early because I had a miscarriage. I'm sure I will be just as nervous if they find nothing.


gcmickens - February 13

i sure hope so Leilani - I'll be 6w, 5d like I said... if we don't see anything this Thursday, that isn't a good thing, is it? What would that mean? A missed pregnancy or blighted ovum? I am having such strong symptoms though so I hope that's a good sign... Thanks for your help! I'll try to stay positive for 3 more days! BTW, are you from Hawaii - your name sounds very Hawaiian :-)? I live in Honolulu


Katy - February 13

Hope your ultrasound goes great gcmickens. I have one on Friday I will be 5 weeks 2days and I am nervous to see how it will look. I miscarried in Oct so they want to watch things early this time. Again good luck to everyone.


Leilani14 - February 14

Hi gcmickens! Well Leilani is not my actual name I use it on the net on different forums. I traveled a lot but I think Hawaii is the most beautiful place on this globe. I just fel in love with Hawaii and everything Hawaiian. For the U/S, yes I think that they should see something this time. Don't be too worried, you can't know if you are 6w5d. Even if you know for sure when you ovulated your days can be messed up if baby took some time and traveled through the tube a little longer than expected and implanted a bit later. remember that sperm can live up ti 5 days in you cervix so BD days are also not good for estimating how far along are you. Only if you did IVF the days are pretty much known. An then if you have tilted uterus the can miss the baby completely. I hope that you will be able to see your keiki on U/S on Thursday. Aloha


gcmickens - February 14

ALoha and Mahalo Leilani! My name is Gisele bty :-D Thanks so much for clarifying the length of time the fertilized egg can take to travel down the fallopian tube and implant in the uterus! - I never knew or thought about it! I sure hope you're right about seeing the lil punkin this Thursday! How far along are you and when is your due date? I'm due Oct. 7th - do you ever come to Honolulu? It would be fun to meet if you do =-) Katy and Angela, GOOD LUCK on your u/s's too! And HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO EVERYBODY!!!


Leilani14 - February 14

I'm 8weeks today and my EDD is Sep/26. I have dr appt on Friday. This will be my first with my OB. I don't have scheduled U/S but they told me that Dr may do U/S . I so hope she will. I so want to see that HB again. Unfortunately I nowhere near Honolulu. I'm in Cleveland. I visited Maui last January for my DH's conference. It was magical. I hope we will come back again. I want to se Oahu and Big Island next time. Hang in there.


kaydenceb - February 15

hi gcmickens, just to let you know about my scan, i had a rescan today and everything is fine, i saw the fetal pole and heartbeat, so dont let people worry you, im 8 wks friday good luck and hope everything goes well,, kaydence


gcmickens - February 18

Hi girls - well, I had a 2nd u/s and they saw a round 7mm sac - they said it looked normal, but there was no yolk or embryo yet - I was soooooooooo upset! They say there's a 50/50 chance that it's a blighted ovum or a perfectly normal pregnancy!!!! I am on pins and needles until the next u/s 2/22 - five more days to wait! My hcg levels seemed ok - 8,467 @ 5 weeks since conception - give or take a week - do they seem right? I'll only know if they have doubled this Wednesday - I'll keep you posted!


Leilani14 - February 23

Hi Gisele! I just want to send you some good vibes. I can't tell much about HCG, they never did HCG test on me. Hang in there.



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