Work And Morning Sickness

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KatsMeowRabbitry - October 20

How do you all deal with your morning sickness at work? I have been so sick lately, extremely tired and freezing cold! I work in a small office (Lawyer, Paralegal and myself) so I must do all of the paperwork and sometimes it gets really busy. It's not a physically strenuous job but mentally it is very stressful sometimes. Oh yeah, my boss also doesn't know yet- how did you all break the news? I'm not sure how he will react to this as I just started five months ago. Can any of you give advise on how to handle the stress along with being sick? I haven't called in sick and I'm almost 10 weeks so I'm hoping I can stick it out until this lets up. I just feel that I would be letting them down by not coming in to work. Help???


^lucy^ - October 20

hey kats, congrats on ur pregnancy first of all :) second, i was sick 24/7 while pregnant with dd and i had a full time 8 hrs job in a big big company.. first of all i vomitted more than 5 times while at work and some of my colleagues noticed so i told them that it was something i ate.. but after a month, i couldnt hide it cz i was losing weight and didnt want them to think that i was having an eating disorder or something lol.. so i told my boss who was close to me.. she supported me and backed me up with everything i need.. sometimes, i didnt have the energy to go to work so i took a couple of days off during my first 5 months (probably 4 or 5 days only) but it was worth it! now i have a beautiful 2 1/2 yrs old dd and almost 5 weeks pregnant with my second :) GL with ur pregnancy dear and its no harm to tell ur co workers if u feel this will help u.. they can be much more understanding than u think they are and could help u get through it.. tc!


overtaken - October 20

Hey Lucy! I am almost 8 weeks, due june 4, and I work full time also. It's really hard to take the bus to work, cus my motion sickness is SO way worse. Haven't thrown up yet, but I dread each work week. Thankfully I work in a retail store by myself mostly and it's not too high paced so I can sit at a desk most of the time. I snack constantly, that helps, oddly being busy helps too, takes my mind off it. Don't really have any answers for you, but moral support all the way :) I haven't told yet either, waiting till 12 weeks if I can. I feel bad about leaving because the store is new and they had a lot of staff changes, I am the first stable employee they've been happy with, so telling them I'll be leaving will be hard. I'm sure they'll be supportive though, and if not.. well you get to leave in a few months anyway. BTW I'm really cold all the time too, is that normal? sometimes I think it's cus I'm so small and all my blood is going to my tummy to grow baby and leaving my fingers and toes freezing!


KatsMeowRabbitry - October 22

Hi all. I actually had to leave work early yesterday from being so sick and today is worse but I hate letting things get piled up so here I am again. Lately I can't keep anything down- not even dry cereal! My doctor won't see me until Friday and then they may want to do more bloodwork which means I won't have any help until I'm atleast 11 weeks along anyhow!


evae777 - October 23

hey katsmeow, yep work and morning sickness is a drag. if you have good boss maybe you can tell him/her. when i was working and preggo with my 1st, i stuck to the 3 month rule to tell my boss and it ended badly, she started to misunderstand and dislike me thinking i was just dragging feet all the time, i ended up quitting because she was always on my case and looking back i should've just told her i was pregnant and she probably would've been much more understanding, but instead it created a lot of misunderstanding. i was new on the job too which didn't help. anyways, that is my experience. a friend of mine had a high risk pregnancy and still told her boss and some co-workers at 6 weeks that she was pregnant just to avoid them building the wrong case on her constantly being sick.they ended up accommodating her and were really understanding. hope that helps!


Rockylover1030 - December 19

I also work and am Nauseaus ALL DAY LONG. The best tricks I have just to keep from feeling so bad is: Eat alot of small meals/snacks all day if you can. I eat a lot of snacks all day and it really seems to help. Also sucking on hard candy helps me a lot. Small sips of water or ginger ale too. It's really hard to keep up, but it makes the work day SO MUCH more bareable! I did tell my co-workers, but only becuase I watned to. No one figured it out on their own, even though I felt like a pig most the time. Good luck and Congrats! :)



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