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sinc3510 - February 29

I work in a office at a manufacturing plant that welds and paints our products. I feel like all I do is breathe in paint fumes and welding fumes. I am really worried I am doing damage to my 10-week fetus. Is there anyone out there that was worked in this kind of environment and had a healthy baby? Please help me to relieve my stress!!


Saird - March 1

Oh honey, I certainly don't know much about that, but I have to say quite honestly it doesn't sound good. I usually won't even paint a room in my house if I"m pregnant. I know that doesn't help you feel any better, and I"m sorry for that. But I can see your concern. All the best to you.


sarah35 - March 1

sinc3510**** is there another job you can be located at in the building that dosent suffer from those fumes???? If there is, you doc can write you a note and you can talk to HR about a temp repositioning. I wouldnt feel comfortable with that-- sounds hazardous. GL hon


softbreeze200 - March 3

I am not sure either, but I would take the suggestions of the other gals and speak with your doctor immedaiately to see what they reccomend. It doesn't sound like an great environment for you to be in during this time. Good luck hon and I hope pit all works out fine!! Congrats on your baby!!


Ms.Aren - April 28

I'm not sure, but maybe you could ask to be placed in a different location in the company. I'm a flight attendant and for the 1st and 3rd trimesters I'm doing office work. Legally, you can't be fired for being pregnant. Maybe they could place you somewhere else in the company temporarily or give you time off with a guaranteed job once your baby is born. You really need to talk to human resources at your company.


HeatherIsHopeful - May 1

hey, Im not sure if I'll be helpful but I can totally relate to your situation. I worked at a general aviation air port as a line service tech... basically I fueled planes and worked in the hanger. anyway, I got pregnant and was still pumping lead based fuels with no gloves, masks or anything... I was really worried about about the lead hurting the baby so I left and now Im almost 34 weeks pregnant and the baby is perfect :) just be careful and if you are really worried see if they will let you work somewhere away from fumes or let you take lots of breaks... or get a doctors note and get on disability so you can keep your job but not have to be around the harmful materials. good luck and have a happy and healthy pregnancy :)


cdmrose - May 7

sinc, if you are in the US your company should provide MSDS sheets that contain most of the health and hazards information for all of the chemicals that you are exposed to in your workplace. If you are willing to suffer through wearing the uncomfortable PPE (personal protective equipment) maybe this is an option for you. But first and foremost talk to your doctor! Maybe if you can make copies of the MSDS sheets you can take them with you when you see your doctor... Best of luck to you!



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