Working During Morning Sickness

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Nat22 - May 3

All of you ladies you have full time jobs, how in the world do you continue working during the morning sickness phase??? Do you just keep going to work and feel sick while working all day or do you have to request time off? I just started a job a couple of weeks ago (I found out I was pregnant 1 day before my first day of work!t!! that's my luck). I am 6w2d and am starting to feel sick now but I don't know how to handle the work situation with feeling so bad! Any advice?


sarahbaby11 - May 3

my doctor gave me meclizine which made the naseau go away. ask it is common for motion sickness so it works. and there are no effects on your unborn baby. i have a 2 year old that i took it with.


frankschick2001 - May 4

What kind of job do you have? I work in an office, so luckily, I am not on my feet all day, so that makes dealing with the nausea a lot easier. Although morning sickness is horrible no matter what kind of job you have. As a matter of fact, I am going to go into my boss' office and ask if I can leave at 3 today. I have been feeling very ill all week. No throwing up, so that's good. The dizzy feeling is the worst.


mandee25 - May 4

I am 12 weeks pregnant now so the m/s is gone but my full time job involves standing on my feet for at least 7 hours each night so my m/s was mostly just feeling nausea. I got through it knowing it could have been worse since I didn't have to throw up.


Nat22 - May 4

Well I work at a beauty salon (hair and nails). I am a receptionist, so I do get to sit for about 1/2 the time i'm there, so at least that part is good. It's the smell that is driving me crazy!! I had to leave today because I couldn't stop throwing up as soon as I walked in the door. The smell of the perms and the hair dye and nail polish/remover... I just don't know what to do. I have this gut feeling they are going to fire me because I just started there only 2 weeks ago.


sunshyne9 - May 5

HEy Nat22.. I work full time from 8-4pm and I came ot work all through my morning sickness phase. Im about 10 or 11 weeks I believe now and im feeling much better... Have you toldthem you are pregneat?? I mean its understandable that you can't handle the smell of perms and that stuff.. I can't handle it on a normal day.. maybe theywillhelp you out a little until you start feeling better.. Congradulations to al you ladies in the forum.!!


Nat22 - May 5

Sunshyne9.... Yes, I did tell my boss that I am pregnant and she didn't seem too happy about it (I mean who wants to hire someone and I find out they are pregnant and have morning sickness?) When I got the job I didn't know I was pregnant yet , so it's not like I kept it a secret or anything. I haven't thrown up at home yet which really makes me think it is all the fumes in the salon.... and yesterday when I was sent home because I got sick my boss was p__sed off to say the least. I'm not sure what to do.


sunshyne9 - May 5

Maybe look for another job and just try and hang on to that one while you can. Lots of different smells and stuff made me feel more sick too.. it's hard to work when your feeling so bad


Nat22 - May 5

Well they just fired me..... I can't believe it, I went in at 2:00 for my shift and she calls me in to her office as soon as I walk in and fires me. I just don't know what to do now.... I HAVE to work or I can't pay my bills... I just didn't need any added stress right now, but i sure got it


chezg - May 6

Hi Nat, well i am no 33 weeks and as soon as i started the sickness i told my boss i was pregnant because i had so many days off as i couldnt handle it (would vomit nearly everytime i ate something). mornings were the worse, i was then given some pills when i was admitted into A&E which actually stopped me vomiting. I found i had to change what i ate for the day at work but as soon as i got home i vomited. I think you need to let them know so they understand if you are late/off you just need to try eat more dried foods at work too and hopefully after telling them they will understand when u need to run off to the bathroom! Good Luck!


chezg - May 6

oh gosh im sorry Nat just read the rest of your posts.....hope you can find another job amybe temporary and try not to stress too much because it actaully makes u feel worse with everything else going on.....hope things work out for u coz i know its hard.


trishnish - May 6

Can they do that, did they give you a reason why they fired you? did they actually say it was because you were pregnant, i'm sure its against the law to fire a pregnant woman, i'd get that checked out if i was you, Good luck


18wbabynov - May 6

it is illegal to fire someone because they are pregnant. if youre too sick to work, and are going home, then they can fire you for not working though.... stupid technicality. im working, and i have pretty bad morning sickness. im on my feet all day, playing with tons of kids and picking things up off the floor constantly. i work at a children's museum... fortunantly i have a really supportive staff who care about me (ive worked here for about 4 years). one of the things that helps me is having ice cold water, and taking bathroom breaks for a little longer to just kinda chill out. i also use an ice pack some times on the back of my neck... anything cold seems to help me not feel so sick and dizzy. hope you find another job. good luck!


dezzydoo18 - May 6

i am currently working a full time job and feel sick everyday and i am 7 weeks now! i bring crackers to work and munch on them all day and it may not take away all the sickness but just enough to get me through the day! also the vitamins may also be making you sick as well and i have learned that if you take them at night it is a lot easier because you can sleep through the night! HOPEFULLY!


frankschick2001 - May 8

Getting fired for being pregnant is against the law. However, getting fired for frequent days out or leaving early is not against the law. So when the salon would state why they fired her, they would not say "because she's pregnant". They'd probably say it was because she was newly hired and was out sick or left too early due to illnesses.


Lilu - May 8

Nat... I just deal with it. Have crackers by your desk. I am so sick this time around. I'm 10 weeks tomorrow and it's so unbearable. I just sit at my desk and gag. Nothing makes me feel any better. You'll leave to just deal with it. The crackers work for the minute I'm eating them then I feel like c___p. Also... ice helps me... or popsickles if you have a freezer you can sneak them in. Just real real cold stuff.


pattford - May 8

i'm trying to decide if i'm having morning sickness or if I ate something bad. I am a little over 6 weeks pregnant. I was pregnant once before, but had a miscarriage. I never had any morning sickness. I woke up this morning at 4:30am. Every time I rolled over in bed I would get really dizzy. I puked from then until about 9am. I still feel like c___p. I went to work for a little while, but couldn't bare it. Can you ladies let me know how morning sickness feels? I kind of hope it was someting I ate. I can't imagine feeling like this for many more weeks. Thanks in advance, Chrysti.



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