Working Through The Fatigue

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ezwaggy - June 8

I'm 9w3d and I'm SO tired at work during the day. I carpool so I don't always have my car with me to grab a nap. Anyone have any tips for getting through the afternoon (that's when I really drag)? I get enough of a second wind in the evening to go to the gym. And I'm definitely getting my 8 hours. But I'm a zombie by about 2 until 6.


kelley32 - June 8

Congrats on your pregnancy!!! I am 12w 4d, and the fatigue also hits me right around 2pm, like a ton of bricks ... it's like I can't even keep my eyes open. I find that light snacking and drinking water get me through until I finish work ... if that doesn't work, I go for a 5 minute walk around the building. Good Luck!!


DB - June 8

I hear you both! 2pm is horrible. I'm only 6w5d and I am wondering how I'm supposed to go another couple of months feeling so exhausted!!! I also try to walk when I start yawning constantly, it seems to help a bit.


ezwaggy - June 9

Thanks for your answers! Congrats to you both, too! Snacking on something light does seem to help - like carrot sticks. I learned the hard way not to eat a heavy lunch - that just compounds my tiredness even more. Does anyone know if the fatigue lessens in the 2nd tri?


kelley32 - June 9

I seem to remember when I was pg with my daughter that it wasn't so bad in the 2nd tri, and even the beginning of the 3rd, but I think it came back later on.


Jennifer123 - June 9

Same w/ me - after lunch is always the worst. Sooooo sleepy. I usually volunteer to go get the mail at my office which is a nice little walk outside to the mailbox. A couple of times though I've had to put my head down for a 15 min. nap. Luckily my office is very supportive and they are fine with it.


Marsha - June 22

Along these lines, when did you first start feeling tired like this? I don't start until next week (Tuesday, June 27) but I have been so tired lately, mostly right after lunch...did it start after you found out you were pregnant or before?


tlw811 - June 22

Ok pregnancy symptoms are more common than i knew!! I'm 9wks and 5d. when 2-3p comes around I am struggling to keep my eyes open and head lifted its really tough. My lunch is at 12:30 so i nap then but its so hard waking up and when i do i'm still if not even more tired. It's really hard for me to get thru the day but when i get home i don't go right to sleep. Im glad i found this site. i'm going to read on and see if i find any good tips!


Jennifer123 - June 23

It gets better - I'm at 14 weeks now and not nearly as tired as I was before. I was going directly home from work and napping a couple of hours. Now after work I usually just lay down for 15 -30 minutes and I'm good. I think around the 12 week mark it started to get better for me.


ezwaggy - June 23

Hi Marsha, for me it started around week 6 - I didn't even know I was pregnant till week 5. I'm now 11w4d and it's better - I still go to bed at 9-9:30 (early for me) and need at least a rest in the middle of the day or after work, but I'm not struggling to keep my eyes open at 2p anymore!



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