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Maree - December 15

I have just found out I am 10 weeks preg. I am a heavy marijuana smoker & have been extremely stressed lately. What are my chances of a healthy baby at this stage? I am 38yrs old


K - December 15

you should try to stop smoking it is what is bested for the baby. also you should try not to stress so much until you are 3months pregnant you are in the danger zone of a miscarrige and you are i a higher chance because of your age but i think that as long as you take care of your self eat healthy keep stress down to a minium and rest as much as you have to (don't over do yourself) then i believe you should be able to make it through this pregnancy and have a healthy baby. and if you have any signs of complications to hesate to go the hospital to get checked out. Best of Luck to you and That Little Baby growing in you and take care of yourself


Liz - December 23

Hi, I think it would be the best intrest for your baby and you if you stopped smoking pot! It is to my understanding that weeks 5-12 of your pregnancy are very important because this is when the babys organs are developing! Please take care and God bless you and your baby.


j - December 27

Maree, with my first child i found out i was pregnant around 8 weeks and i was also a big pot head. I stopped smoking immediatley and my baby turned out just fine. I dont know if age has a factor in it or not, but I was 22 at the time.


kate - December 27

I don't think there is any medical proof that marijuana harms the baby other than smoking cigarettes would..low birth weight.I read somewhere that one joint equals 10 cigarettes...if that doesn't make you feel guilty. I'm sure your baby is fine..look forward to that and dump the rest!


sarah - December 30

I think that you will be fine. I have been a smoker for a while and i did recently stop so that i could get pregnant. All of my friends smoked while pregnant and all there kids are fine. THe only thing i have found it that they have a higher risk of being ADHD but who isn't. GOOD luck



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