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Susanna - November 3

Help! I am in the 10th week, had a miscarriage last year, so very nervous that I will have one this time. I have had pretty typical symptoms, nauseous and sore br___ts. My symptoms have been steady the last two weeks. Now I have some days that I seem a little less sore and nauseous. I thought it would be too early for these symptoms to go away. I am worried that this is a bad sign. Has anyone had symptoms go away before the 12th week and still have a healthy pregnancy? I saw the heartbeat at 9 weeks(this is also whwn I had a miscarriage last time, after I heard the heartbeat). I know symptoms should go away after first trimester, but am concerned that the baby has died, so the symptoms are lessoning.


Kim - November 3

Well I'm 12 weeks with my fourth child and this is the first time I've ever had symptoms at all.. and my children are all very healthy.. with this one I did have nausea every once and a while and b___st tenderness but all of my symptoms come and go... so unless your doc is concerned I'd just take extra care of yourself get extra rest and make sure you keep a postive mind. It's amazing what we can imagine our bodies into doing. ever swear you were pregnant even befor your period was late then it was but you weren't pregnant? Try to stay postive and healthy!! Congradulations and best of Luck ..


W - November 3

I am c_mmin up to 9 weeks, an feel my symptoms have died down, i think u might be over working ur mind, just let it go wit the flow am sure u will be fine. U will only know if u start to bleed an then u need to worry. But mine have become milder!! Hope this helps.


Beth - November 14

What a relief to find this! Susana, I am in exactly the same situation and have been surfing the net for days to find support. I'm about 9 weeks and two days ago, my b___st tenderness, nausea, fatigue just vanished! Am going to doctor next week just to be sure, but since a few of us have experienced this, I'm sure it's normal. I got worried because I had terrible nausea and very swollen b___sts until two days ago. We're all in this together and we're going to be fine! Hugs


susanna - November 14

Let me know what happens at your doctor visit. I am scheduled to go for my next visit on the 23rd, until then I am holding my breath and trying to keep busy. Hopefully your just starting your next trimester early and your feeling good. I'll be thinking about you, best wishes.



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