Worried 1st U S At 7wk 1 Day Said Measured Only 6wk 2 Day

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Trena - March 4

during u/s she said the sacs looked good and saw heartbeat, but very concerned baby smaller than should be. She said maybe you were off with O date, which I couldn't be more that a day. She didn't say if implantation could affect it and I was too upset to ask. She said she was sorry, but with my age m/c chances were hi, (42) and I should come back in 1 wk to check again. So very worried should I prepare for the worst or still hope. ANY input GREATLY appreciated


maria - March 4

my doctor said here was a week range of error per the measurements- so one week high or low- and that measurements are just averages.. i have also read of plenty of people who went and didn't see heartbeats to seeing them and sac being normal a week or so later.. try hanging in there- i know the waiting's hard..


nicola.xx - March 7

trena i had this too but my gap was even longer i was meant to be 8 weeks when i went for my scanon 4th march but it showed i was only 5 and a half weeks i have to go back this friday to see if it has grown as they think the baby has stopped growing im so upset could my dates be that out my lmp was 4th jan i did my first pregnancy test which was very weak positive on 5th feb and it was confirmed by my doctor on 15th feb could my dates be that out ive had no bleeding or pain it just doesnt make sense


Kay - March 8

Happned to me aswell, i was suposed to be 12 weeks but turned out to be 8 weeks


nicola.xx - March 8

kay was your pregnancy ok i'm so scared to go back friday all i can think of is the worst


PP - March 8

I was in your boat. At 4 weeks nothing could be found, at 5 a sac, at 7 a pole and measuring 4-5 weeks and then at 8 weeks a baby and heart beat measuring 8 weeks. Now a healthy soccer player at 22 weeks.


PP - March 8

I also had bleeding and cramping and I miscarried a twin. I think is you have faith and think positive you will be better off.


Kelly - March 10

trena - we are in the same boat - I even had a fertility monitor so I know when we ovulated and conceived but when you think about it - the time to implantation can be anwhere from 6-12 days - that's an entire week long range and the baby doesn't start to make HCG or anything until he's implanted. That how I account for the week discrepancy. I wouldn't worry about it. Also when you consider sperm can live 5 days, if you ovulate late for some reason - even though you know what day you had s_x, if you don't release your egg for 5 more days, you could still conceive then and it would be 5 days later than you thought! It's just not an exact science. I'll say a prayer for you!!!



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