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Shannie - March 7

About 3 days ago, my m/s and sore br___ts started to taper off. Yesterday my belly was so bloated, I felt about 6 months preg. Today I felt really exhausted and tonight, I had a really light brown color when I went to the restroom. I'm so sad because I feel like I may be miscarrying. I miscarried about 3 years ago. I really want this baby, more than you know. Tomorrow, I am going to go to the ER if theres still blood. Is there any advice or anything that might cheer me up?


Lilee - March 7

Hi Shannie - I experienced the same thing. Started spotting light brown, tannish when I was around 4-1/2 weeks pregnant and this lasted for about a week. Of course I was concerned so I called my OBGYN who performed bloodwork on me and found my HCG levels to be very good. Just this past Monday (at 8 weeks) I started bleeding again, so I went to the ER fearing the worst. They did bloodwork and ultrasound and found everything to be normal. If fact, my baby measured exactly 8 weeks with a heartrate of 175BPM!! I guess it's pretty common to spot during the first trimester, but you should always notify your doctor if you see any bleeding. I completely understand your fear of miscarrying. I had one just last December, so I'm extra paranoid about everything w/this pregnancy. I try to stay optimistic, but it's been hard. I hope everything works out for you and Good luck!!


angela1986 - March 7

spotting is typically for your first trimester, i spotted brown blood about every 3 days for two weeks before i even found out and im 14 weeks now. So unless it accompanied by severe cramping or red blood i wouldnt worry sweetie, because the worrying can make you miscarry adn we dont want to see anything happen to your little bean, take care honey and good luck!


Shannie - March 8

Well, I went to the ER today and they did 2 ultrasounds and there was no heartbeat found. =(


sfrog68 - March 8

So sorry Shannie. How far along were you suppose to be, maybe it is just too early to see the heartbeat. What did they say? My thoughts are with you.


BeccaC - March 8

Shannie, I am so sorry this is happening to you. I had two m/c and I know how you feel, especially when you first hear the news that there is no heartbeat. Sfrog has some good questions - how far were you? Also, if it is confirmed you are m/c, I suggest going on the m/c forum. I have been there a while and you get an outpour of support from the women there....HUGS to you and keep us posted.


Shannie - March 9

Well, I had a tiny bit of spotting, and I went in the er and they did 2 ultrasounds and said that my baby measured 6 wks (the same time my last baby miscarried) they also said my right ovary was higher and there was a possible cyst on it. They want me to followup in a couple days to do a recheck hcg and ultrasound just to double check the heart beat, but I asked the doc what the chances were that if they didn't see a hb this time, would there be a chance that they just couldn't find it and the doc said "honestly, Theres like a really small chance (like 1 in 1000 chance that they just missed the heartbeat that statistically and most likely the fetus is dead, and my body isn't miscarrying like it should, so i may have to have a d&c. Which i hope they do because don't they test the baby tissue to see why i had a repeat m/c? Well, i'm pretty depressed and We want to try again but if somethings wrong with me, i don't want to keep letting these little babies down ya know? But thanks for your support and i'll keep you informed.


ginger6363 - March 9

Shannie, I am so sorry for you. Please do something nice for yourself this weekend to take your mind off it a bit. Let us know what happens at your next u/s.


sfrog68 - March 9

Shannie, Again I am so sorry for what you are going through. I had 2 m/c in a years time so I know how bad it hurts. Just to answer your question about checking to see what is wrong, alot of doctors including mine do not worry about 2 previous m/c's they don't worry about it until you have lost 3. I am praying for you that you are that 1 and 1000 and everything will be fine. I still thought 6 weeks was early to see heartbeat in some cases but maybe I am wrong. As Becca said if you do m/c there are lots of wonderful women in the m/c forum that can help. But at anytime I will be happy to chat with you too. Take care of your self and good luck.


MrsShelton217 - March 9

Shannie, do you know for sure that you are 6wks preg? I don't want to give you false hope, but if your date are even justa couple of days off, its very possible that you might not have seen a HB. I didn't see a HB w/ my first until I was 6wks and 6days w/ a v____al US. I know this is a very stressful time. I, too, have lost several pregnancies. I know that doesn't help the pain your are feeling any, but maybe in the least it will let you know that your not alone. I wish you the best, and good luck. Please keep us informed.


ahay - March 9

Shannie- I went to the doc today and had an ultrasound and they also could not see a heartbeat. I am also 6 weeks 4 days pregnant. She said it was too early to see a heartbeat. I didnt see one with my DS until 7 weeks 3 days. I am not trying to give you false hope however you need to stay POSITIVE!!! Keep ur head up and remember you have all of us here standing right behind you. I know what it is like to miscarry. I have had 2.


Shannie - March 10

ahay, did you also experience a taper off of your pregnancy symptoms? ie, m/s not as severe and b___sts not as tender?



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