Worried Please Read

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Christine - May 3

i'm thinking what i will do is get a blood test as soon as possible to determine paternity (the "mistake guy" would be willing to do that for me) and this way i can either have peace of mind OR prepare myself for what is to come. if i lost my current bf over this i would be devastated...i REALLY REALLY HOPE AND PRAY THIS BABY IS HIS


Liz - May 3

Let's a__sume the baby is your boyfriend's for a moment so we can get to the good stuff. You have a tiny little life growing inside so I think you deserve some congratulations. After all, you mentioned that you didn't even know if you were ovulating. It's pretty crazy, isn't it? Have you told your boyfriend yet? Is he excited? I a__sume this is your first? I am having my first. I am eleven weeks along, hoping to get out of the nausea phase soon. I am signing off for tonight. I hope you will keep us updated. Best of luck.


christine - May 3

i haven't told him yet. i'm waiting for my 2nd sonogram so i can see if i get another "professional" opinion. so i plan on telling him early next week. he will be so happy.... and would be a great father... i pray i don't break his heart. so thursday i will have another blood test and monday another sonogram. i'll definitely keep you posted. and thanks for the congratulations. it's true... i didn't think i was even ovulating and questioned whether i could even get pregnant... ESPECIALLY with my abnormal uterine bleeding. i'm 31 and have had this insane spotting/bleeding for 3 years. it's terrible. hopefully a baby can survive despite the spotting. only time will tell. thanks liz!


RG - May 5

Christine--how are you doing today? I was so busy yesterday I didn't get to come in here...and today I am too, but I'm making time. We went to the doctor yesterday and got to hear the heartbeat...it's the neatest thing! We are both so excited and the doctor seems to thinks things are going great. I'm overweight and continuing to loose weight which is fine with me and she said it was fine with her, that I'll evenutally gain and as long as I'm not starving myself then weight loss is perfect. I'm so excited. Just needed to share so excitement with someone. Keep us informed! :) Take care-R


r - May 6

Christine...have you found out anything yet?


Karey - May 6

I had that happen to me once. But God decided for me and gave me a miscarriage. I thanked him for that because I wouldn't have known WHO the father was because it happened in the same day!


ChristineIsWorried - May 6

hello again... well my HCG levels went from 52 to 226 in 3 days. my dr. says that is good? seems REAL low to me??? i have another blood test, exam and sonogram scheduled for monday. i asked the nurse over the phone if she would be able to "zone in" on my conception date... she said we can get close.... don't know how "close" she's talking about...and to be honest i can't talk to my dr's office about this. too embarra__sed. i may have to go to another dr...in a different town...wearing sungla__ses and a mustache! the guilt is overwhelming!!! and i did tell my bf...he is thrilled...dropped to his knees and kissed my belly. if i break his heart i will not be able to handle it. why when i meet the greatest guy in the entire world do i set myself up for disaster????????? that's a question for a different message board huh...


RG - May 9

Hey Christine---today is the day of the sonogram...how did it go? Keep me posted.


Gina - May 9

I wanna know too!


christine - May 9

i had a dr. appt today... right before i was going there i had a gush of blood when i was using the bathroom. not as much as i would of thought it would have been..... in any case they gave me a sonogram when i got to the dr.'s office and they no longer saw the baby. my dr. thinks i miscarried the. blood tests on wednesday will confirm. i see the dr. on friday to get the results. i had to get a shot in my a__s because of my blood type and the "RH factor" thing. my a__s is throbbing. i'm really really sad... but happy i was able to get pregnant and hopeful it will happen again. a big thank you to everyone that responded to my posts and showed so much concern.... i'll be fine. xoxo!


Liz - May 9

I'm vey sorry, Christine.


RG - May 9

Christine---I'm so sorry, I know how much you wanted this...but sometimes someone else has plans for us! Look at the post that Karey put up....you never know! Best of luck and please keep in touch...Just because this happened doesn't mean you cannot come to this site....let us know Wednesday what happened. Take care of yourself.


still there? - May 12

Christine, you still around here?



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