Worried About Cramps

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ElizabethAnn - May 2

h__lo, was just wondering if anyone else has been having little stabing cramps?? i'm 11 weeks today, and have been getting these really mild stabing cramps.. on my left side, it comes and goes for the last few hours. It doesnt hurt a lot, more of just an annoying pain. I dont have any bleeding or anything. I just worry about every ache and pain!!! I had an ultra sound at 8 weeks due to some spotting and everything was perfecT! the spottings been gone for almost two weeks now! anyone else experiencing this?


ElizabethAnn - May 2

oh yeah, and i wanted to add, the reason i didnt call my doc,, is because she said just to call if i had REALLY bad cramps or increase in spotting.......


eclipse - May 2

I am 12 weeks 2 days today and have been having those little cramps on my left side as well. Early on, I had an ultrasound due to spotting, and my doctor found that my uterus was way over to the left. I think now they are attributed to it growing and still being way over. I am paranoid as well because of a previous miscarriage, so I worry too much. As long as its not severe or with bleeding, you should be ok. Congratulations on your fabulous ultrasound!


ElizabethAnn - May 2

Thanks sweety!! I'm glad im not the only one!! i know how you feel!! well i havent had a m/c, but my mom told me she had a m/c when she was in her third month!! so now freak out!!!! i wish sometimes people wouldnt mention any negitive things!!! ahh but now i just did, SORRY!!! Congrats to you!!! Happy Pregnancy!!


olivia - May 2

It sounds like round ligament pain. I think it is early to get them but not impossible. If it is when you cough, sneeze, move certain ways, that is probably what it is. The cramps the doctors are worried about would feel just like strong menstral cramps. If you get those call your doctor. But any shooting, stabbing, pains are usually the round ligament pains, or sciatica, which would run down your b___t and back of your leg.


emilymalm - May 2

I agree with Olivia that it sounds a lot like round ligament pain. I'm 16 weeks and I started getting it that early. Everything I read said that it's more of a second trimester problem, but some women just get them early. Don't be surprised it they start picking up as mine sure did after about the 12th week. I really notice them after I sneeze or cough which is unavoidable due to my crummy allergies. Hang in there! Sounds like another fun pregnancy thing.


Helene - May 7

Oh wow - I have been having this pain under my ribs slightly left that fels like the day I did a hundred crunches! I am also 11 weeks, so I was feeling kindo f paranoid. I have had other little twinges and mild brief pains that are mostly around the abdomen, not in the midle or deep in the belly, which I just asumed was the uterus stretching. The doc aslo said at my last apt that I should get used to all those twinges and mild pains that itw as the uterus stretching. I just strated getting the one I just mentioned a few days agao, and it can be really uncomfortable at times - it comes and goes. I had a m/c back at the end of Sept, so I am a paranoid wreck as it is half the time.But I just had an u/son friday and the baby was doing well witha good heartbeat so I am just a__suming that it is the uterus stretching, especially as it feels like a muscle pain. I was happy to reda that someone else was having this so early, too .


muhrea - May 8

I started having pains described in this forum EARLY! I had them starting about 4 1/2 weeks. I'm only about 6 weeks now and I continue to have them. I haev been reading several books simultaneously and everything I've read adn heard suggests that this is normal unless you have heavy bleeding adn I've had none, so I'm not going to worry!


SashaP - May 9

If it's on your left side then it might just be constipation. I have been having it and finally figured out thats what it is. I called dr and they confirmed thats the usual cause.



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