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Tootsie5c - September 25

I'm approximately 8 week pregnant (I haven't been to the doctor yet, first appt. is on the 5th). I just used the rest room and when I wiped (TMI in advance) there was a giant glob of green snot-looking stuff. I've heard about the mucus plug and I know discharge is common in pregnancy, but this was A LOT. I'm worried that maybe the mucus plug got dislodged or something and something could happen to my baby. Please give me any advice you have!


jennifer_33106 - September 25

hmmm It could be a sign of an infection. Are you itching at all or noticing an odor? I would call your doctor either way and let them know whats going on. Also the Mucos Plug from what I have heard is usually tinted with red, brown, or pink streaks. Still, call your doctor!!


ash2 - September 26

I agree with the infection as well....but another thing......( a little tmi ) ....did DH finish inside of you ? Alot of times when that comes out it will be that color.


kay101 - September 26

I wouldn't worry about it being your mucus plug just yet. I never lost mine all at once, but it looked like egg white cervical mucus to me, just more globby than stringy. Also, mine was more of an opaque slightly tanish yellow color, but for the most part it didn't have a lot of color to it. How green was it? And how big is giant? If you aren't cramping or bleeding, I would try my hardest not to worry. Even though you haven't been to the doctor yet, you can still call and ask questions. They usually have an after hours line where you leave a message with your concern and a nurse or the doctor will call you back.


another Karen - September 26

Hello. When I lost mine it was close to the end of the pregnancy but was just as you described it, no hint of blood. I would ask your doc asap but I think that the mucus plug regenerates though if it was that.


ChattyKathy - September 26

Your mucus plug is just beginning to generate. I doubt it would be a huge glob just yet. Sounds more like an infection. Be sure to bring it up with your doctor.


Tootsie5c - September 27

Thanks for all the advice ladies. I did end up calling my doctor and he told me to come in, so I did and he did a bunch of cultures and I'm still waiting for the results. He also did an ultrasound (which I wasn't ecstatic about because Brian wasn't there) but I got to see my baby for the first time. He said I look just about 6 weeks, which is odd because I thought I was eight. He also said he can't really see the baby yet, just the sack, which is a little worrying, but if I am only 6 weeks he said that's normal. And to answer some questions, it was a neon green...totally green, completely unmistakeable. it covered the entire tissue and then another. I have had some cramping but I think its just my uterus stretching. I think it might be an infection. I'll let you all know what the doctor says. thanks again!


Cevvin - September 27

Good luck hun. I had the same with my last and this one as well. Nothing was wrong, no infections. Just my v____a needing to b__w its nose (a joke i say, to make me believe the docs when they say nothing is wrong) !! Congrats on the baby


DDT - September 29

Sounds like Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). I was diagnosed with it at 14 wks pregnant after my PAP. I was put on antibiotics for a week 3x a day. It cleared up after that. You need to go to your doc. They may do a PAP. When was your last PAP?



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