Xanax Vicodin Percocet Alcohol In First 7weeks Detrimental

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Natalie - December 10

Im about 7 weeks along and throughout the past seven weeks (and before) ive taken pain killers and xanax and stuff like that. my doc said zoloft is fine, because i take that, but im concerned about xanax, vicodin, percocet, aspirin, and the red bulls i drink! ive never been pregnant before and its a horrible time in my life i just cancelled my wedding im 20 and behind on bills due to migraines and rough patches in my life. i dont think i can carry to term but if i did, would all that stuff i mentioned above affect the baby? -concerned and scared by my whole situation in general. tons of stress and i have hot flashes and extreme nausea ALL the time im tired but then i cant sleep at night. this nausea is really miserable.


Anna - December 10

Hi Natalie Sorry to hear whats going on in your life at the moment. I know it must be really be difficult for you now and it does not help finding out your pregnant also. But maybe this is a blessing in disguise. You have probably heard it all before but things always work out for a reason. I personally think you should come off all the meds. Take up Yogo for new mums and try and relax. The bills will eventually go away in time when you have them paid off. Nothing happens immediately it all takes time. So when you feel things are getting on top of you take some deep breaths and just remember that a bad run of luck does not last forever. Good luck.


E - December 10

The xanax can absolutely hurt the baby if you continue to use it. The percoset that you already took should be fine although continual use can cause respiratory depression in your fetus. The beer and aspirin - no clue. I really think you need to speak with your doctor about all of this due to the seriousness of your situation, which cannot be addressed on a message board. I also recommend contacting OTIS at this number and they will gladly discuss what research has shown about each substance you have used. (866) 626-6847. www.otispregnancy.org ---- Lastly, please read the thread t_tled "For those of you worried about what you drank b4 you knew.." under General Pregnancy. The same goes for pills & drugs.



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