Yay I Made It To 12 Weeks

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melanie - November 24

I am exactly 12 weeks today on thankgsgiving. That I am really thankfull for that I have made it this far. Does anyone else want to celebrate the 12 week mark?


To Melanie - November 24

Congrats Melanie thats brilliant!! another week and 1 day and you'll be relocating to the 2nd trimester board!! (13w1d= gestation age of fetus @ 12w)


?? - November 24

whoever wrote Melanie, was that supposed to be a rude comment because it seems like it, What do you mean thats brilliant? You say that to someone when they get an idea. Well Melanie I am going to be 12 weeks in 2 days.


heather - November 24

hi i also am 12 weeks today and i am so excited.. and 12 weeks means the risk of miscaridge go's down so much . well congrates and i dont think that the first person was meaning any thing dont be so harsh we are all excited.. congrates to all. and happy thanksgiving.


melanie - November 25

Hi heather your due date is probably the same as mine then June 8


melanie - November 25

Heather I forgot to tell you congratulations before I pressed send.


Renee - November 25

I'm right behind you! I am just entering my 11th week. So, Congratulations to you for making it out of the 'risky' zone! I bet you feel great now! Awesome!...... And to "??" this site is open to the whole world - some words or expressions we use, are used in a different context by those in other countries. Don't be so quick to a__sume things.


to "to melanie" - November 25

Just FYI.. If your pregnancy is 12 weeks based on LMP, the fetus is actually 10 weeks... so 13w1d from LMP would actually be fetal age 11w1d ....not 12


heather - November 26

hello thank you and my due date is the same as yours so good luck on the rest of your pregnacy. and is it your first or second or whatever?? it's mine 2nd. and are you showing well my tummy pocks out a little makes it uncomfortible to ware my jeans.. one more question does this mean that were almost 4 months?? I hear so many diffrent things.. hay whens your next apptment mine is on the 2nd so well see... good luck...........


...... - November 26

To To "to melanie". You may think you are correct but 13 weeks 1 day puts you in your 14th week since the 13 week is completed so 11 weeks and 1 day in reality puts you in week 12 because you have completed week 11. So the fetus's age is 12 weeks at 13 weeks and one day. The second trimester does begin at 13 weeks and one day NOT 12 weeks. But Congratulations to Melanie and who really cares about one week.


..... - November 26

Your pregnancy age, when based on LMP, begins an average of 2 weeks, (14 days) before ovulation.. before sperm meets egg. So, when you miss your period, 4 weeks after your Last Menstural Period, you measure your pregnancy as being 4 weeks pregnant.. which is accurate, but the FETAL age is only 2 weeks. You can continually subtract 2 weeks from every age of pregnancy to find the fetal age ( this is why a healthy pregnancy can last up to 42 weeks.... a FETAL age of 40 weeks) . Yes, my doc ( and several daily pregnancy e-mails) says that 12w1d is the first day of 2md trimester.... but that still puts your FETAL age at 10w1d. I don't argue when the 2nd trimester starts, but the weeks are measured from 0 to 40, not from 1 to 40 as you are counting. END of week 1 is measured as "1" , etc. Not the BEGINNING of week 1... because if yout hink about it from the beginning standpoint... you can't START OUT 1 week pregnant, you start out 1 day... up to 1 week, etc. Your week is day 7, 2nd is day 14 ( when you actually ovulate) 3rd is day 21, and 4th... when you miss your period... day 28... an average of 1 "month" after your last period. In the end, it doesn't matter WHEN different people say you are in 2nd trimester.. that is very subjective. My first doc measured in 13.5 week incraments..so that all trimesters were the same length. My current doc measures the trimesters in 12, 14, and 14 week incraments.. It really doesn't matter.


Melanie - November 26

Wow, there are so many different opinions about all of this. I was told By my Ob/gyn that 12 weeks from lmp means miscarrage goes down, not the actual 12 weeks of the fetus. I am not debating on when I start my second trimester, I was just happy I had made it to 12 weeks. Heather this is my fourth, I have a four year old and 2 year old twins so I got a 2 for one deal on that last one. I am kind of showing but not to everyone else yet. I am in the middle stage where it looks like I have just been putting on weight, although I have only gained about 1lb. But my next appointment is on the 14 of december. I had my last one on the fourteenth of this month and got to hear the heartbeat with the dopplar already. Have you heard yours yet? And about how many months I don't really know. I thought we were just starting the 3rd month and at 16 weeks the fourth month, but who knows. Wow we should keep in touch and see who delivers first. Do you think you konw what you are having? I have this strong feeling that I am having a girl, But I don't know if it is more wishful thinking since I only have all boys. But I guess we will have to wait and see.


heather - November 26

hello melanie. well I did get to hear the hart beat and wow is it amazing. but I have no idea about the s_x. I have a boy so a girl would be nice(great) but as long as the baby is healthy im happy. and it would be great to see who has the baby first time will tell.. so 16 weeks is 4 months..hrmmmm I was hopring it would be sooner but what ever 12 weeks 3 days is good for me. well im going to go talk to ya later.. ok


melanie - November 26

Heather keep in touch. I am not sure about all of what weeks equals what months. all I knoiw is when I am due and that is good enough for me LOl. have you had an ultrasound yet? My Dr. wont make me one untill the 20 weeks so I haven't had one yet. But your right as long as the baby is healthy nothing else matters. Well talk to you later


heather - November 27

hello well yes I have had an ultrasound and got to see and hear the hart beat. my doctor loves ultrasounds and he gives them to me at every appointment.. ya for me so every month I will get new pictures and waght the growth. its pritty cool well talk to ya later ok


Melanie - November 27

Lucky you. I only get one and that is at the 20 week mark. sucks for me. Hey where are you from. I am in sacramento california.


11 weeks 1 day - November 28

13 weeks 1 day from last LMP does make your fetus aged 11weeks 1 day which is the start of the 12th week for your baby, so 'to melanie' is correct



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