Yay I M Pregnant

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Sammi - February 20

Every one should share when they got there BFP. I got mine 5 days late and was so exited. me and my fiance did the test together we set a timmer for 3 min. and waited about a min. then looked and it was a very bright pink line. We were so exited!! I am due in early October. Cant wait!!! Everyone share your BFP stories.


kim - February 20

i found out after four days of complete sickness i took a test on friday and it came out negative must have had the flue by tuesday i was so sick went to doctor insisted on giving pregnancy test it came out postive. my boyfriend works out of town so i text him and told him to call me asap


zel - February 20

I wasn't even due for my period yet when i suspected. I had bloating which could have been for an impending period but due to my b___st soreness,yep turned out i was preg. I took my test with my husband 2 weeks before christmas we were hoping for a christmas gift. I was merely 3 weeks preg then and here we are 13 wks preg i'm due in august. we are very excited!!


Sarah - February 21

We had been trying only a few months and it was xmas day, I didnt have a clue i was pregnant and I was going to my sister - in- laws the next day and just wanted to know if I was going to get my monthly visitor. My husband got mad because he thought I'd be really upset if it was neg and he wanted to wait a few more days. I done the test and it was posative straight away! it was the best xmas present! now im 12 weeks and loving it now I'm not sick lol


Heather - February 21

I was 25 days late before i even took a test... I had me a strong case of DENIAL


Amy - February 21

I was in complete denial! i first took a test too soon about week and a day after i hav unprotected s_x as my period was already 3 days late when we had done. It came out negative so i got between 2 and 3 weeks late and decided to take a home test. It came out positive but i wouldn't believe it (lol) the line was very faint. So the next day went to the hospital and had a test. After that realised that it couldn't be wrong! AM now enjoying making plans and deciding on names.


Kristin - February 21

Januray was the first month that my husband and I started "trying." I was supposed to get my period on a Wed.. and I am never late... so that Saturday morning we took the test, but we just knew already... 2 home pregancy tests confirmed it!! My first Dr. appointment is a week from today, at 8 weeks, so baby comes in early October! We are so so so excited!


~m~ - February 22

Congrats everyone!!!! I have had miscarriages since September. Actually, I think they were chemical pregnancies, because each time, it was really early. So after last time, I decided to concentrating on "ME" and stop trying so hard and stressing. Well, this past Friday, I tested, and VOILA!! Baby on board! I went yesterday to get my blood drawn, and my hcg level is at 87... normal for 4 weeks along! YAY EVERYONE!! ***** BABY DUST TO ALL ******


tina - February 22

we had been trying for 9 months. for some reason i couldnt ovulate. so i never menstrated. my sis-in-law swore i was pregnant. so just to prove her wrong, i took a test on christmas eve. then another, then another, i was freaking, they were all +. my hubby almost pa__sed out!! im due sept. 3.


sarana - February 26

hi guys i am 5 weeks and 3 days and i am due in october the 26. i am eating alot and sometimes i get mild headache and my b___st and nipples hurt so bad and some times i get slight cramps in my stomach and most of the times i am sleeping on the job and am very tried and sleepy



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