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Jokerzgirl - February 21

Just wanted to drop in to say I had my first Dr,'s visit yesterday. i am 12 wks 4 days. i was scared going in because i didnt know what to expect. everything was good. baby was moving all around making it a little difficult for the nurse to get pictures. but the ones she did get came out really good. you can see them very clearly. eyes nose, mouth, arms and legs. it was very exciting. heart beat was 141, Dr. said that was normal. all the weight has been lifted off my shoulders. :) i am so happy.


Belief - February 21



Jokerzgirl - February 21

Thank you Belief


AmySmoak - February 21

That is so wonderful! Congratulations! Only 27 weeks 3 days Left! Best Wishes to you and your family!


lovestruckjsw - February 21

Congratulations!!! I had my first u/s at around the same time as you (i'm 14 weeks now) and my baby was all over the place! They could only get one semi decent picture and the heartbeat was 171. Isn't it amazing when you see them for the first time?? It's even more awesome when you feel those tiny little flutters (just beginning to feel very very light fluttery movements). Well I'm just babbling but the main point is... Congratulations!


Jokerzgirl - February 21

if anyone wants to see sonogram pics you can go to and at the top click on find a baby. type in Drennan for the last name and our page comes up


heather28 - February 21

Jokerzgirl-Those sonograms are really good. I had my first one done today and he/she still looks like a little jelly bean. Apparently I'm only 8 weeks instead of 9. Anyway...congrats!!


tk07 - February 22

congrats! those pictures are so amazing! i can't wait until my 12 week appt! i still have 2.5 more weeks though. my last u/s pic looked like heathers, a bean! are you hoping boy or girl, or doesn't matter?


Jokerzgirl - February 22

Heather28 thank you for the comment. i was amazed that you could see the baby so clearly. TK07 thank you also for your comment. it really dont matter to me what i have just as long as its healthy. Now i know the beginning feelings of being a mom. i just cant believe i have another life living inside me. Congrats to all of you with your little beans



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