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Katz - January 15

I have my first appt. with my doctor tomorrow. I have been in once but I just saw a nurse. I am so hoping that he will schedule an ultrasound. I am still not positive of my dates, I have a 3 week discrepancy and while I am going by the shortest right now, my symptoms really correlate with the later hopefully tomorrow I will find out. Plus, I am hoping to get to hear the heartbeat!!! Part of me loves the fact that I would only be 9 1/2 weeks but the other half of me really would like to be 12 1/2 weeks because then I could quit worrying so much! Oh yeah, and I am so excited to find out if there is more then one in there.......for some reason I can't get rid of that feeling that there is more then one........fingers crossed!!! Anyone else going in tomorrow?? My appt is at 1:15 which seems like FOREVER away! lol Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.............


jen327 - January 15

Congrats, my appt is on Thursday, you are due in August so join our thread :) I am 10 w 2 d by my u/s but 11 w 1 day by my due date. I am just going with the 10w 2 d to be on the safe side, but I saw the heartbeat at 9w 3 d and it was 160 which is good. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.


rachel1 - January 17

Hi katz, hope you got on good with your appt. Get typing and let us know how you got on :) Jen3327 wishing you luck with your app too. Had my scan on monday gone, everhing went fine baby was moving none stop and measuring 1 day more than i though i was lol. I measuered 11weeks 3days. Im also feeling slight movement, doctor also confirmed this. Hope to hear from you soon. good luck.


lawlady72 - January 17

well how'd it go?


rachel1 - January 18

Katz, where are you?????? Hope everything went ok at your scan. Let us know. take care


jessicaspatherapist - January 18

she's okay, she posted on the signs of pregnancy board :)


Katz - January 18

Sorry everyone. Everything went fantastically. We got to see baby but ALOT sooner then was originally planned. I had this very bad pain in my stomach and the doctor was concerned so he sent me in for an immediate u/s to rule out eptopic. Well, after much investigation the pain is because my back is out and the pressure is hitting a nerve and causing alot of pain. So, chiropractor visit is in my future, I was hoping for today but it looks like probably tomorrow. Anyway, the baby is measuring exactly 10 weeks and it is 1 1/4 inch long. Absolutely adorable! Baby was squirming around and wiggling and moving its hands and feet all over the place. She said everything looked great! Another 10 weeks and we got to see whether it is a little boy or a little girl!!! Anyway, here is a picture of the ultrasound - sorry it is


Katz - January 18

Take out all the dashes(-)


Katz - January 18

Bumping up for all the people that did not see the update :)


ChattyKathy - January 18

Congratulations!!! Thats a beatiful ultrasound photo, you can make out everything clearly =) Again, congrats on your wiggly little 10 weeker!


jessicaspatherapist - January 18

it really is an awesome ultrasound photo....yay!



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