Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

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mgn - October 2

I am almost 11 weeks preggo and think I am getting a yeast infection. Does anyone know what I can do for this? Is monistat safe?? what about natural remedies? I wont even take tylenol so i feel really odd putting cream up there. would it hurt the baby?


sarah21 - October 2

No, monistat will not hurt the baby. You need to get it treated. If you feel uncomfortable, talk to your doctor. I think when you are pregnant you're supposed to not apply it all the way up or something... I dunno, I've never had one. But I do know it is very common during pregnancy and easily treatable.


Sims1 - October 2

i was told by a dr (a long time ago though) that yeast infections occur to aid in making a plug...isn't that wierd. definately ask your dr what you can use though.


ErinBriana - October 3

I got one- my 1st one ever actually a couple of weeks ago and asked my doc what to do. She told me that I needed to do the 7 day treatment because the shorter one doesn't seem to do the trick as well. It's kind of a pain, and you should not have s_x at all during these 7 days- you have to fill an applicator with this lotiony stuff and inject it into yourself- not the most pleasant experience, but it worked for me. Yeast infections (my doctor says) are much more likely during pregnancy. I read that it can help to not where underwear when sleeping- not sure how that works but it's worth a shot, and I haven't got an infection since. Also, take care of this asap- I work with a girl that has one and she is only 7 months but since she's even that far along, her doctor won't allow her to use the applicator so she has to manually put the lotion inside of her, so again, try to take care of this asap- hopefully this info helped.


mgn - October 4

thanks. i asked my doc and monistat is safe. got to go to the store today! :) my dh is going to be so upset. this pregnancy s_x has been great!


ErinBriana - October 4

I totally know what you mean- but trust me, it's worth the wait, and it's that much better when you get to again :)



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