Yellowish Vomit

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Valerie - October 23

Vomitted in the middle of the night. It was a yellowish liquid. Could this be bile juice? Is this normal?


buglet - October 24

I can't really say as I'm not a doctor, but I do know that if you are doing the 'rainbow yawn' (as I call it) and it looks like a yellow yolk sac (similar to raw eggs) then it is definitely morning sickness. I had this with my first child. Hope this eases your mind!


HELEN - October 24

I had this with my1st pregnancy not nice, but I believe normal.


Amanda - November 2

Yea, it is basically bile. It usually happens on an empty stomach. Basically you are throwing up spit and stomach acid. For me it was accompanied by dry heaves.


ah yes - November 2

Amanda, I remember that so well. I hope you didn't have a weak bladder too. I p__sed myself so many times. Yes, Valerie it is bile. As much as you might not want to, eat something and it won't be so bad. I found that if I thought I might hurl after eating, it was best to eat something sweet. No acidic stuff. It's not as bad coming back up.


Amanda - November 2

Hmmph- The week bladder. I am so glad I am not alone. I try to hold sneezes and coughs in. Nothing really helps. I hope it goes away soon.


Ashley - November 2

I am almost 10 weeks with my 1st. I wake up very early in the am with this sickness. I dont feel like i can puke but I have to make myself in order to feel better and be able to eat! I also have a weak bladder and lots of sneazing and gas---usually all at the same time! its horrbile!! I havwe found that salt makes me feel a little better...when i feel sick i eat some pretzels and it helps!


stephanie w. - November 3

I have found that when i wake up in the morning I need to go to the bathroom at the same time while holding a garbage can so I can throw up in it. I kept having accidents & this seems to work. The best was when my nose started bleeding when I was throwing up & peeing my pants. Now I have a cold which makes matters worse. Now I can't breathe & my throat hurts. This has been great fun!!! Can you tell I can't wait for 2nd trimester???????Also , I have been using the sea bands...I am not sure if it is just psychological or if they are starting to help. What does everyone else think about the sea bands?



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