Yoga Need A Reason Why I Cant Do It Other Than Pg

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jennysi - March 4

Hi ladies, needed some help please. I go to Yoga classes with a few of my friends, one of whom is 18 weeks pregnant, so i know it's safe but i know there are moves i shouldnt do anymore. just wondered if anyone could give me a reason as to why i cant do them other than saying i'm pregnant as we miscarried at xmas at only 4 and a half weeks so i want to delay telling them our news for as long as i can. I'm 5 weeks and 4 days at the moment and dont really want to miss the classes for the next 7 weeks! any advice would be fabulous x


lmk - March 4

Tell the teacher you're having some back problems, and that you may have to sit out some exercises or take it easy for a while...try to sit near the back of the cla__s, no one will be watching you then and you can take it easy when you want to.


lqtoo - March 5

You can also use carpel tunnel syndrome as an excuse - that will get you out of quite a few of the taboo inverted poses. Another good idea might be to take a pre-natal yoga cla__s on your, find out moves that you can easily subst_tute for the taboo ones, and just do them when everyone else is doing the other excercises, and hope no one will notice or comment on the slight variation.


jennysi - March 5

thanks ladies, not sure we have any pre natal yoga cla__ses in our area which is a real shame but the excuses are great, thanks for your help!


jessicaspatherapist - March 5

the hospital i'm delivering at has prenatal yoga and i'm planning on going to that soon. i'm 19.5 weeks so i feel its safe. they don't let you in the cla__s if you're under 14 weeks and you need a dr.'s note to get in even after 14 weeks. you could also use GAS as an was a fitness instructor for many years and the pregnant women were always pa__sing in yoga even the non-pregnant participants pa__s gas frequently. good luck with everything!



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