Yolk Sac Where S The Fetus

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HopefullyDevoted - October 31

HELP! My LMP was Sept 12th. I went travelling overseas on Sept 30th. I conceived sometime after 28th (didn't have s_x b/w the 12th and the 28th). I had s_x every other day until about October 7th. When I got back from my trip, I didn't get my period (due around the 12th of October). I went to my doctor on October 19th who did a blood test. He said that the results of my HGC blood test said that I had signs of very early pregnancy (he didn't tell me the amount of HGC but said it was very low). A few days ago, I started to get brown spotting and my doctor sent me for a va___al u/s. The results show the yolk sac but no fetus. Technically, I am 7 weeks (today) from my LMP and so the fetus should have been seen she said. The doctor wants me to come back in 5 days to see if she can detect the fetus on another u/s. She said it's a good sign that I have the yolk sac and thinks maybe my travelling screwed up my cycle and I'm not actually 7 weeks along? I am also nauseous all the time which is another good sign she said. BUT, maybe she's just being "optimistic". I am scared sick over this -- no fetus to me at what is supposed to be 7 weeks isn't a good sign. Does anyone have experience travelling overseas, getting pregnant, but having the conception date off b/c of jetlag? I know this might be a far fetch idea, but while the calendar says I should be 7 weeks, maybe I'm less than that?!?!


ShoppingForTwo - October 31

Hello, just wanted to say that with my daughter only a sac could be seen at my 1st visit, I came back at 8 weeks and some odd days and their my little bean was! I believe that this point in pregnancy our babies or only 1/8 of an inch. Super super super tiny! Hard to see! A sac is a wonderful sign, don't stress.


HopefullyDevoted - October 31

THANK YOU! This is the type of info I need. When my doctor called with the news I froze. All I heard was yolk sac (at that point I didn't know what that even meant, and I'm still searching the internet for info) and no fetus detected. Glad to hear that you went through a similar situation. As an aside, the techician today seemed to be frustrated with the u/s machine... she complained it wasn't working well, so maybe b/c it's so small, she just missed it in b/w her complaining about the machine not working!!


Happymommy - October 31

I had a scare like that with my first baby. From what I understand now, early on that is usually all that can be seen. Your LMP is not always an exact indicator of when you actually ovulated--with this baby I was a week ahead of what I thought. So there is probably a very good chance that traveling in itself could have messed up your system a bit and you ovulated later than normal. And looking at your dates if you would have ovulated at the "normal" time you would have conceived on about the 26th, and since you did not have s_x that is impossible. So it seems almost for sure you ovulated later than normal--my guess is that all is well. Congratulations and sorry for the rambling! Best wishes!


HopefullyDevoted - October 31

you didn't ramble. this is the kind of info I need!!! thank you so much!!! if anyone else can share their thoughts it would be great!!!! this is so helpful, especially at this stage when I can't share my worries with my friends....


Krissy25 - October 31

your doctor is right that a gestational sac with a yolk sac inside is a good sign. With my first pregnancy i miscarried and all the tech ever found was a gestational sac with no yolk sac inside. With my second she saw the yolk sac and went on to tell me that was a good indicator that things were going well. I hope that is the case with you, good luck.


BriannasMummy - November 1

It definatly sounds as though the travelling that you had made ovulation late. If ovulation was late it means that you are much earlier in your pregnancy then you thought. Instead of being 7 weeks along.. youre probably more like 5 or 5 and a half. Its more then okay to not show anything on an u/s that early in the game. I am now 21 weeks pregnant.. and I know exactly when my lmp was.. so if i went with that I would be 23.5 weeks pregnant, but my body decided to ovulate later, therefore LMP goes right out the window and doesnt mean a lot when dating this pregnancy. Thats probably the case with you. Good luck!! ~Kristin~


Shiva - November 1

Some times you don't know even weather your doc is doing sonography or proper ultasound. I am 7w4d today and I had started very lite brown spotting on my 6w2d Doc did my sonography in her clicnic both Bally and Vaginal and she saw just sac but she was worried that she couldn't find the fetal pole (Baby)according to her Fetal pole should be there during this time. So she reffered me for first Ultrasound to the hospital next day and doctor was able to see the Fetal Pole with gud baby heart beat. I am sure your doctor missed something as you said there machine wasn't working fine so don't bother about this much and ask your doc weather that was sono or Ultrasound cause sometimes sonography cant measure the time and baby this early. And FYI my LMP was Sept10th and I got to know that I am pregoo on Oct05th. So You could be 6-7week if you ovulated same time like me because your LMP date was Sept12 and mine was Sept10th.


HopefullyDevoted - November 1

Here's a little update. I just asked my doctor to repeat my HGC test..... my HGC as of today (Nov 1st) is 24,000 compared to my low 143 on October 19th. She said that this is a really good sign that my pregnancy is progessing. BUT (there's always a BUT) she wants to repeat my u/s on Monday b/c she doesn't know why the fetus didn't show up on my u/s yesterday. My mind is still wandering... Has anyone had similar numbers to me, had an u/s, seen a yolk sac and no fetus???? but later discovered human error (they missed the fetal pole) or something else???


Gemini_Girl - November 3

Hi, you shouldnt worry to much your LMP isnt always the best to go on to measure weeks of pregnancy you probably did ovulate later. I was 2 weeks behind with mine according to my LMP I should have been 14wks but I was measuring at 12wks, at my stage it didnt make a huge difference but as you are fairly early on it certainly would - im sure in a the next few weeks you will see your LO on screen - Goodluck


stefkay - November 4

Hopefully Devoted, I did read somewhere and I can't remember now where it was (I've been on the computer too much lately, lol) but she had an u/s done due to spotting and was told that her baby measured 8.5 weeks with no hb and was told she should schedule a d&c immediately (I think she went to a hospital)...she wanted a second opinion scan and went somewhere else a week later and there was a 6.5 week baby with a strong heartbeat! I guess the person before had been totally off and at the first u/s she didn't have a hb because obviously it was too early. I don't hear of that happening often though.



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